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Comprehensive audit trails

IT audits help evaluate an organization's information security strategy and improve the level of control on privileged access. The first step in tracking privileged user activity in an organization is acquiring an effective auditing solution that will produce exhaustive access logs.

Password Manager Pro does exactly that. It captures every single user operation, establishing accountability and transparency for all password-related actions. This information can be presented as:

  • Text-based logs
  • Instant email notifications
  • Syslog messages to SIEM solutions
  • SNMP traps to monitoring systems
Comprehensive audit trails

Password Manager Pro also video records all RDP, Telnet, SSH, and SQL console sessions launched from the product.

Facilitate regular internal audits and generate extensive audit trails.

Password Manager Pro's audit logs instantly capture all events around privileged account operations, user logon attempts, scheduled tasks, and task completion.

Audit trails help in forensic investigations because all activities are audited with a time stamp, a user-given reason for the operation, and the IP address from which the user accessed the application. With such information, you can easily discover who did what with a password, where, and when.

Generate instant alerts after auditing specific operations.

You can configure instant alerts for particular events and send them to select recipients. Password Manager Pro provides multiple notification options, such as email alerts, syslog messages, and SNMP traps. Similarly, Password Manager Pro integrates with any third-party SIEM tool to feed SNMP traps to obtain an overview of network activity in the organization.

Customize filters to view audit records of select operations.

Password Manager Pro provides advanced search options to filter out and present only the logs of specific events. You can also add events as custom filters to look up related operations. For instance, you can add an IT resource as a filter and track the users accessing the device, the history of password resets, and more.

Tamper-proof your audit records.

Audit records are fully encrypted and stored in the application database, and they can be retrieved only by an authorized admin or auditor. The RDBMS is always configured to accept only secure connections (forces SSL mode for client connections), and clients can connect only from the same local host. In cases where the web server and the RDBMS have to reside on separate servers, the configuration enforces connections only from specific IP addresses.

Export audit logs as CSV and PDF files for future needs.

Password Manager Pro allows authorized administrators to export audit logs as CSV and PDF files. You can also consolidate the records as a report and mail it to select recipients.

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