Automatic ticket dispatch

Ensure greater efficiency in ticket management with simple automation.
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What is automatic ticket dispatching and why is it important for your help desk?

MSPs face the unique challenge of providing IT services to organizations that have multiple contacts, service level agreements, and work processes. For MSPs, account management means managing multiple organizations as individual accounts on a common platform.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for automatic ticket dispatch.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP automatically dispatches tickets to route your incoming tickets to the right technician. You can choose to set ticket assignment using either the round robin or load balancing technique.

Automatic dispatching


Automate ticket assignment. Step up ticket management.

  • Assign tickets based on which technicians are available, and when they are available, to make sure tickets are attended to without delays.
  • Set up access permissions for technicians to control ticket assignment based on relevance to the issue of the incoming ticket.
  • Take advantage of automatic ticket assignment based on the workload of technicians to improve overall team productivity.