Group Roles  

    Group roles are support group-specific roles that can be used in SLA escalation notifications, support group notifications, request life cycles, custom triggers, backup technician assignments, dashboards(share dashboards), and approvals.
    To create a new group role,

    • Go to Admin > Users > Group Roles.
    • Click New.
    • Enter a Name and a Description.



    • Click Save or Save and Add New.  

    Associating Support group and technicians  

    Once you have created a Group Role, you can associate a technician & support group by clicking the drop-down beside the name of the Group Role in the list view.

    • Click Associate Technician and select a support group and a technician.
    • Click Associate.



    • From the drop-down, you can also disassociate associations.
    • Click on support groups under the Associated Support group column, you will get a new pop-up.
    • In the pop-up you can select the support groups you want to remove and click Disassociate.



    • If there are any unassociated support groups, they will be shown under View unassociated support groups. You can associate support groups from there as well.

    Note: You can associate multiple support groups and technicians to a group role, however only one technician can be associated with a single support group. 

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