Zia Bot 

    Zia Bot helps users perform 20 different operations including raising tickets, assigning technicians to requests, accessing service catalogs, raising service requests, viewing solutions/announcements, etc., by just typing a command or asking Zia via the chatbox. SDAdmins can enable or disable the Zia Bot.  Once enabled, the Zia Bot will show actions only as per the user’s scope.

    Note: Live chat with technicians will not be available for requesters if Zia bot is enabled. To contact technicians, requesters can use the Need Technician Assistance option.

    To access Zia Bot, click the ZIA icon icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can ask Zia for the following things:

    • Raise a ticket
    • Ask for a resource (to create service requests)
    • Need more assistance

    Raise a Ticket

    You can ask Zia to raise a ticket by clicking the Raise a ticket option and entering a subject for the request.




    A request will be created and a link to the request will be shared. You can view and modify the request details from there if necessary.




    Note: If Quick Create is disabled for technicians, the Raise a ticket option will not be shown in the Bot window for both technicians and requesters.

    Ask for a Resource

    Similarly, you can ask Zia to create service requests as well by selecting Ask for a Resource option and choosing the appropriate catalog and template.






    Note: Ask for Resources option will be available only if the service catalog add-on is purchased.

    Need More Assistance

    Under this option, you can ask Zia to perform the following operations:

    • Search and view solutions and announcements
    • View your requests or your pending approvals 
    • Perform technician update operation, or task related operations
    • Update or add note to requests


    • Options to search and view solutions are shown to the requesters only if Hide Solution option in SSP is enabled.
    • Technicians will be allowed to perform actions only within their scope.

    Need Technician Assistance

    If the requesters need further assistance that is not covered in Zia's collection of actions, they will get an option (Need Technician Assistance) to reach out to technicians. This option will not be available to technicians. If requester chat is disabled, this option will not be available for requesters.

    Stopping and starting over the conversation

    You can stop the conversation anytime by clicking the Stop button. This will take you to the first list of conversation options. You can also use the Start as New Conversation option to perform the same action.

    List of Actions & Commands

    Action Commands

     Add a note to a request

     /add note
     Add a task comment to a request  /add task comment
     Add a task to a request  /add task
     Ask for a resource  /order resource
     Assign owner to a request task  /assign task
     Assign technician to request  /assign request
     View pending approvals in change module  /change pending approvals
     View pending approvals in request module  /request pending approvals
     Pick up a request  /pick up request
     Pickup a request task  /pick up task
     Recommend solution while raising a request  /create request
     Search announcements  /search announcements
     Search solutions  /search solutions
     Show my request details  /show request details
     Show my requests count  /show request count
     Update notes to a request  /update note
     Update task comment to request  /update task comment
     View all announcements  /view all announcements
     View all solutions  /view all solution
    View request summary  /view request summary


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