IT Release Management is the process of planning, building, testing, and deploying releases to the production environment. A release can be defined as the process of delivering a set of authorized changes to IT services in a controlled environment. You can use release management to deploy hardware, software, documentation, processes, guidelines, policies, and other components to service operations.

    ServiceDesk Plus MSP supports Release Management in the IT help desk. You can raise a release request for authorized changes with or without associating a change record in the application. Throughout its life cycle, the release process is closely associated with the change management process.

    In ServiceDesk Plus MSP, the Release module is streamlined to offer the following features:

    • A comprehensive lifecycle involving up to 9 stages.
    • Built-in release roles that can be used to define the scope of users to a release request.
    • Ability to design various release templates from scratch, based on the organization's needs.
    • A progress indicator stating the stage-to-stage progress of release request.
    • Graphical editor to configure and automate release workflows.
    • Different view types to gain insights into the release requests at one glance.

    This guide documents the Release tab components in the following parts:

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