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Simplifying MSP operations with the PSA and RMM capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

In this session, we will delve into key PSA features and discover how they empower MSPs to centrally manage accounts, track time and automate billing processes, and manage resources, tickets, and projects to help you simplify your IT service delivery operations. Additionally, we'll see how native RMM integrations in ServiceDesk Plus MSP can help you remotely manage your clients' IT from a central console.

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • Configure billing and time sheets, including bill rules, service plans, top-up plans, etc.
  • Utilize various communication channels, configuring request customizations, templates, and automations.
  • Use resource management and the Maps integration.
  • Configure and utilize project management.
  • Set up the MSP Business Dashboard.
  • Integrate with RMM Central and Endpoint Central MSP.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can create alias emails for the mailbox and add them to different accounts.

For the first and second cases, Additional allowance option under Service Plans should help. However, we will need more use-cases to assist accordingly. For the third case, we have a billing feature only on the request module.

Please reach out to with more use-cases specific to your organization. We'll assist you in the setup.

According to the current application design, merging sites is not supported. Nevertheless, if you choose to delete a particular site, a prompt will be presented, allowing you to reassign the association to a different site within the actual account.

Updating the Department through CSV wouldn't be an option. However, we have an option to assign a department (under Admin -> Requester -> Action) you may bulk choose the requester from the list and assign to desired Department. Maximum 100 requesters can be selected from the dropdown. Kindly drop an email at to discuss further regarding this requirement.

Comments can be added under project irrespective of creating a Milestone.

Maps integration was introduced under version 10500. To enable this feature, kindly navigate to Admin -> Maps Integration and choose a map (either Zoho Maps or Google Maps).

Please note that only work logs added under the Request module will be considered for billing purposes. Work logs added under other modules can be tracked using the Reports module, but, will not be associated with any specific contract.

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