Different kinds of

Help Desk Callers

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The Nag

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Sends an e-mail
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Calls immediately
Information Technology jokes
Comes in-person

The Non-techie

The computer said, "press any key". But where is this ‘any key’ ?!

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The Cry-baby

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I'm not able to open the file. It is very critical. I'll lose my job if it doesn't work. OMG! someone please help me as soon as possible. What will I do now? Ah! it worked.

Mr. Know-it-all

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Did you try rebooting?
Yeah, I did.
Can you unplug and replug the cables?
Yeah, I tried that.
Can you replace the router?
Yeah, I’ve done that.
Can you invent a new routing device which can run without electricity and signals?
Yeah, did that too.
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The Absent-minded

Funny help desk calls

I forgot my password again! Could you please reset it?

The 'Yes' Man

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide a laptop for you now. You may have to share a computer with John.

Yes, that should be fine.

Funny tech support calls

The Escalator

I need to talk to your supervisor.

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Could you explain the issue?
No, put me on to your manager.

Funny help desk tickets

But sir, could you give me the ticket id?
IT humor
That’s it, I’ve had enough. Connect the call to your CEO.

The Time Passer

Service desk jokes
Thanks for calling IT support.
So where are you guys located?
NewYork, how may I help you today?
How is the weather today?
It’s okay I guess. May I know if there is anything I can help you with?
Is there anyone named Bob in your team?
I remember talking to him last time.

The 'Right Now' guy

The software which you requested is still not in the market and it will take another 3 months.
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Helpdesk cartoon
I don’t care! I want it right now!
But sir...
IT help desk jokes
Help desk infographic
I want to talk to your supervisor right now!

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