Service desk best coach

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Service desk best coach

How many times have you seen the iceberg of leadership ignorance? You know, the one that says leaders only know the tip of the issues, and only the people really involved know the truth.

Have you ever considered that the service desk:

  • Knows all the good things and bad things about your services and products?
  • Knows all the good people and suppliers that help and those that don’t?
  • Knows all the things that make customers happy and angry?

“The service desk is the voice of your IT” is what ITSM used to say. Today, the service desk is the voice of your organization. COVID-19 moved everyone online. If they have an issue, they call your service desk. Rarely do they get to speak to anyone else!

DevOps, Lean IT, and ITIL® 4 all say the same thing: IT is there to increase the value of an organization to a customer. If the customer interfaces with the service desk, then the service desk must have a close relationship with the customer experience. Lean and other practices also suggest that the best coaches are those with eyes that do not see what you do. Why? Remember, they see the truth, so several major banks, utilities, sales companies, and betting houses have invited the service desk to be their coach and attend management decision-making sessions.

Daniel Breston will explain further on why your service desk is your best coach.

About the presenter

Daniel Breston

Daniel Breston has been in IT for 50 years, either being or directing almost every role possible up to CIO. He is now a retiring coach and blogger on subjects such as leadership, value stream mapping/management, business continuity, and how to have fun in an IT role. Speaking at conferences and webinars and being a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the Institute of Service Management allows him to give back based on his trials and successes.

Daniel Breston

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