Newsletter | March 2020

Hello there,

We hope you're safe and healthy. As organizations around the world embrace remote work, with urgently put together work from home policies in the face of coronavirus (COVID-19), our parent company, Zoho, is offering a remote work tool kit free of cost until July 1, 2020. Check out Zoho Remotely.

We understand that this is a very trying time for the entire world, and we commend the amazing work our doctors and medical personnel are doing, but we also need to think about our IT help desk teams who are fighting to keep our companies running during this crisis.

Help desk teams are being stretched thin and flooded with VPN connectivity issues, requests for resources for at-home work like laptops, and more. A huge shout-out to all the help desk teams keeping us afloat! We'd love to hear your help desk stories and learn about how you're dealing with all the tickets and requests as a result of this quarantine. Share your helpdesk story, or thank your help desk team for doing an amazing job using the hashtag #helpdeskheroes.

Here are a couple of ITSM resources that can help you get through this quarantine and teach you a few things about ITSM, too.

First up is our e-book that illustrates real-life accounts of industry insiders who have been through it all. Read about seven inspiring stories from top industry leaders; learn techniques for leveraging people, processes, and technology for better results in service management operations. Download the e-book, and share it with your peers.

Next is our major incident management guide, in which we've covered the what, why, and how of major incident management. Read the guide to learn major incident management concepts, workflows, best practices, and more. Check it out.

Our user guide got a makeover! The all-new user guide home page makes it easy for users to find answers to their questions about ServiceDesk Plus, raise incidents or requests, and chat with technicians. Check out our user guide here.

Finally, our e-book, "Resolve your help desk's biggest challenges with analytics," discusses some common problems help desk teams face, such as insufficient staff, lack of skilled technicians, and too many assets in storage, and discusses how analytics can help tackle these issues. Download the free e-book now.

Not big on reading? Hop into our new video zone, and watch all our ITSM video content to mix things up and learn more about ITSM.

That's all we have for now. If you'd like to stay in touch and receive regular updates on product videos, tutorials, and resources, follow us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin

Stay safe and wash your hands!

Until next time,
Jendra John
The ServiceDesk Plus team