Newsletter | June 2021

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Happy June and summer (for a lot of you)! The second half of this year is around the corner and we want to help keep your IT service desks going strong. We've got exciting events coming up, some great resources, and a service desk feature preview. So stick around and read on.

There's been a recent, inevitable shift in IT environments and tools from being mostly on-premises versions to increasingly cloud-based. As migration to the cloud shoots up, so do the challenges that come along with it. Is your organization prepared to tackle these challenges? Find out in our webinar series, "The cloud approach for your IT management," scheduled for July 6, 8, and 13.

ServiceDesk Plus is bringing never-before-experienced asset management to its service desks. The existing asset discovery agent will be replaced by a unified agent from Desktop Central, the unified endpoint management solution from ManageEngine. The transition will help IT administrators harness Desktop Central's agent-based asset discovery capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus. Coming soon!

With remote and hybrid work models becoming the norm, there is a compelling need for streamlined service delivery beyond traditional corporate boundaries. Watch this engaging webinar with guest speaker Charles Betz from Forrester, and learn how to effectively establish service management practices across IT and business functions for employees worldwide.

Let's take a "CAB" ride to better change management. No, I'm not kidding! The change advisory board (CAB) is a group of dedicated individuals from various facets of a business who assess changes from initiation to post-implementation, and provide their perspectives, recommendations, and course corrections when needed. Here's a great read on how to implement top-notch IT changes by leveraging a CAB.

COVID-19 is a wake up call for many organizations—it proves that disaster can strike at any time, and the impact can be felt worldwide for a long time. It's hard to think clearly under the intense pressure of such unexpected disasters. One of the best ways to respond to an emergency is to keep calm and carry on. Here's an e-book on how Zoho Corp responds to disasters and does business as usual with best practices to consider in your business continuity and disaster recovery journey.

I hope these resources help you in your ITSM journey and I look forward to bringing more updates and exciting resources from ServiceDesk Plus to your mailbox in the following months. Let's stay in touch on Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin.

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LeAnn Gordon
The ServiceDesk Plus team