Newsletter | February 2023

Hey there,

It's February already, and we hope you've been able to jump-start your service management operations this year to achieve your business goals. A bustling spring awaits us, and we're preparing feature updates, fabulous resources, events and more to help you spring ahead. Read on as we share our secret sauce.

We're glad that spring has arrived early. Eager to know why? With the latest capabilities in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus, you can improve your customer support experience. Resolve tickets faster without juggling between windows by integrating with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Also, predict and automate actions intelligently by employing the AI capabilities of Zia, our AI-enabled assistant. Learn more.

Let's huddle all year round! We're delighted to host a series of tech events to help you refine service management. Engage in thought leadership sessions, gain insights into the latest ITSM trends, interact with ITSM experts, and more. And, yes! They're happening throughout the year. Register now.

If you're considering optimizing your IT expenses, here is another great read. Learn how to harness AI-powered analytics to get data-driven insights and streamline ITSM processes. Discover how to sift through voluminous data swiftly, track changes contextually and automate actions to reduce IT spend. Read our free new e-book now.

That's all for now, folks! We'll be back next month with the latest news and updates. In the meantime, connect with us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin.

See you next time!

The ServiceDesk Plus team