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Can you believe it's July already? Now that we're halfway into the year, it's the perfect time to pause, reflect, and plan for the rest of 2023. In this month's newsletter, we've got an exciting lineup of resources, events, and few other updates from ServiceDesk Plus.

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud introduces new features to the problem management module

To start off, we've got some great news for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud users! Your problem management module is now enriched with new features like timer actions, custom menu, and custom widgets. These allow you to perform time-based

actions and create customized menus with preferred actions for your problem tickets. Learn more.

Uncover the struggles of your service desk with report bundles in Analytics Plus

Are your technicians placing requests on hold to avoid SLA violations? How does an increasing request volume impact end-user satisfaction? What's the dollar value of productivity loss when assets break? Get immediate answers

to all these questions and more with report bundles. Simply download the report bundle today and visualize your help desk data like never before! Download now.

Understand how ChatGPT can help your service desk stay ahead of the curve

It's no secret that OpenAI's ChatGPT is gaining a lot of traction—and rightfully so! Gartner® says 70% of organizations are currently in exploration mode with generative AI. If you don't take the leap now, you'll fall behind later on. Explore the four ways ChatGPT can help put your

service desk on the fast track to success. Read the article now.

Get ready for a lineup of user conferences, ITCONs, and more

Brace yourselves for a series of tech events that are sure to keep your IT teams ahead of the game. From inspiring user conferences to immersive ITCONs, we've got it all covered. Get hands-on with our IT solutions, network with industry experts, and gain insights into the

latest trends in the IT landscape. Register here.

Experience the 20-year transformation journey of ManageEngine

Technological evolution is what separates thriving organizations from the rest. From strengthening our technology multifold to fostering sustainable relationships, discover how ManageEngine has carved a niche in the enterprise IT management market. Join us as

we journey through two decades of splendid progress. Read the e-book now.


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