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Stepping into Q4, it's time to gear up for a new set of IT challenges and opportunities for the year ahead. We're thrilled to release exciting updates and resources to enhance your service management. From discovering how interactive widgets can help your technicians handle requests on the go, to learning how Request Life Cycles can be your guiding light in managing major incidents, we're here to help you step up your ITSM game.

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On-the-go service management made easy with interactive widgets for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud iOS app

With the latest iOS 17 updates for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, managing your IT services just got easier. We're delighted to announce the newest feature for our iOS application: interactive widgets. These resources can help your support technicians

seamlessly handle approvals, pick up requests, or even call requesters right from their home screen—all without having to open the app!

Download the latest version here.

Harness Request Life Cycles and breeze your way through major incidents

The true strength of your IT service management lies in how you handle unforeseen events and major incidents while safeguarding business continuity and end-user productivity. Our latest article outlines a scenario where a fictional airline experiences an IT outage.

It delves into how the airline is able to resolve the issue by leveraging RLCs and ensure business continuity. Come explore how building comprehensive RLCs for major incidents can help you fortify your incident response strategies. Read the full article.

Improve collaboration and efficiency with the latest enhancements to the MS Teams integration

Our new enhancements to the Microsoft Teams integration provides a more efficient service desk experience within your Teams workspace. Now, your technicians can easily access vital dashboards, monitor technician availability, stay on top of tasks, set reminders,

and make announcements all from within the enhanced home module in their Teams workspace. Learn more.

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Learn how you can spearhead cyber resilience with a security-conscious help desk

Webinar alert! Cybersecurity is no longer restricted to security teams. There's another valuable player—the help desk. Because it retains a record of all IT operations, an efficient help desk is an indispensable contributor to

cybersecurity. Join this webinar to learn how to run security-conscious help desk operations. We'll uncover the benefits of designing a security-first asset procurement process, and discover how an up-to-date CMDB helps correlate security events. Choose your session.


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