SLA management

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SupportCenter Plus Features SLA management

What is SLA management in SupportCenter Plus?

It can get quite difficult for organizations to keep track of requests that have violated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as provide prompt customer support to their customers. With SupportCenter Plus's comprehensive SLA management function, you can design and track SLAs for all your requests seamlessly. Keep your support reps updated with SLA reminders, and never let a request breach your SLA.

Keep an eye on your SLAs. Rule out violations.

  • Create and maintain separate SLAs for different support plans.
  • Assign response and resolution SLAs to requests based on incoming tickets' parameters like priority, category, product, and more.
  • Set service-level targets for high-priority tickets beyond operational hours, holidays, or weekends.
  • Handle the tickets approaching SLA violations and those already violated with the help of multi-level proactive and reactive SLA escalations.
  • Assign SLA-violated tickets or the one's approaching violations to a different support rep or group, or reset the priorities and levels.
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