Free Unattended Remote Access Software

Unattended remote access is a flexible remote access solution to reduce your IT troubleshooting time. Far away from the computer? Has it been left unattended? Remotely connect and perform troubleshooting operations on unattended computers from Remote Access Plus web console. From remote file transfer to extensive access to diagnostic tools like system manager, perform these robust operations with the free unattended remote access software now!

Free Unattended Remote Access

What makes Remote Access Plus the best unattended remote access software?

Robust remote access

Web-based console makes the user experience seamless. Remote Access Plus lets you mark favorite computers and list out recent sessions on the dashboard. Initiate chats, perform power options like shutdown, and establish remote sessions right away. Want to switch between tabs in a remote session? Use the exclusive Alt Tab option and manage multiple tabs effortlessly.

Unattended Remote Support

Rescue unattended and sleeping endpoints

In-built wake on LAN will give a hand to wake up remote computers and perform troubleshooting operations. You can either schedule or initiate on demand action based on the situation. This way the unattended devices will not be left unprotected anymore!

Reduce enterprise power consumption

Most of the time users tend to leave the devices switched on even during weekends. This increases the power consumption, which in turn impacts electrical expense. Hence shutdown these unattended desktops in a single click with the help of remote shutdown option.

Seamless troubleshooting

You don't have to establish a remote connection to begin troubleshooting! Simply access System Manager, Task Manager, Command Prompt, Registry, and transfer files straight from the console. Even when the computer is left unsupervised, disable user confirmation to have full access to these troubleshooting tools anytime from anywhere.

Remote Desktop Unattended Access

On-premises and cloud

Willing to manage and maintain the severs in your working environment? Opt for the on-premises version of Remote Access Plus. You don't need to worry about server crashes and failures, as you'll be backed up with the exclusive failover server.

If not, go for the cloud version and forget about maintenance. Everything will be taken care of! Just sign in with your credentials and initiate unattended remote access to instantly rescue enterprise computers.

Compliant to HIPPA and more

Is your organization compliant to policies like HIPPA, PCI DSS, and GDPR? If so, you've reached the right spot to pick out the best unattended remote access software. Enable user confirmation to establish remote sessions, access diagnostic tools, and notify when the sessions are recorded with Remote Access Plus.

What is Unattended Remote Access?

Cross-platform support

The top 3 favorable operating systems in the market are Windows, Linux and Mac. With the capability of Remote Access Plus, you will have the power of unattended access to any of the above mentioned OS. The most important part is that you can establish unattended remote sessions even from your smart phones(Android & iOS).

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How to set up Unattended Remote Access?

Explore the power of unattended access by following the below steps:

  1. Download Remote Access Plus on your computer for on-premises, or sign up to explore the cloud edition.Click here.
  2. Now you have to install a lightweight software (agent) on the unattended computer which you wish to remotely access.
  3. When the computer is unsupervised and switched off, use the wake on LAN option to wake it up.
  4. Once the computer is up, you can search for the device from the Home tab and establish a remote session.

Let the computer be in any location–everything an enterprise administrator requires to troubleshoot is a flexible remote access solution!

Overview of Free Unattended Remote Access

What is unattended remote access?

unattended remote access gives you the power to get control over device that is left unsupervised and physically away. It is an essential solution for enterprise administrators to streamline and simplify the troubleshooting process.

What does unattended remote access software do?

There might be different scenarios when end user's might not be available in front of remote devices. At times like these when the endpoint is left unattended, you can still remotely control the device with the help of unattended remote access software.

Why do you need unattended remote access software?

Problem: You cannot disturb enterprise employees for maintenance or troubleshooting while they are working. But how will you access the computer remotely during off-work hours when it is left unsupervised?

Solution: An unattended remote access software will let you access a device instantly from anywhere, even when there's no one physically around it.

Is unattended remote access safe?

Any communication between the viewer and unattended device happens through encrypted tunnel. Hence Remote Access Plus is a highly secure unattended remote access software. Know more

Is unattended remote access free?

Manage up to 10 unattended devices from a single dashboard free for life time with us. Edition comparison

How does unattended remote access work?

Unattended access is a major functionality in remote desktop software that will help you access an endpoint even when there is no one physically available near the device. This will come in handy when admins try to troubleshoot problems on remote devices during off working hours when the computer might be left unattended.

What are the benefits of unattended remote access software?

  • Streamline and simplify IT troubleshooting.
  • Flexible work flow for enterprise administrators.
  • Perform maintenance operations without disturbing the end users.

How to choose the best free unattended remote access software?

  1. Unattended access might be against certain organization policies, so verify if the software is compliant before making your decision.
  2. Most of the software out in the market charge additional to utilize this feature, but there are few solutions were this option is available for free like Remote Access Plus. Try and explore them.
  3. Make sure to check cross platform and multi-monitor support.
  4. If your solution is a web-based console it will be an additional advantage.