Intune third party patching

Intune Patch Management

Patch Connect Plus now equips its users with Intune third-party patching! In contrast with the existing on-premise patch management using Configuration Manager (SCCM), Patch Connect Plus has progressed significantly towards cloud device management with Intune application and update management.

The takeaway here, is that all existing users with Enterprise license can straightaway update Patch Connect Plus to the latest build in order to start managing third-party updates in Intune. With the latest build installed, users can now find Intune added under the 'Third Party Updates' tab. This allows for a quick toggle between cloud and on-premise management. Learn more about how Patch Connect Plus accomplishes Intune 3rd party patching, in detail.

Intune Patch Management

Benefits of Intune patch management with Patch Connect Plus

Patch Connect Plus has an expanding repository of 600+ deployment-ready updates, so that users never face the daunting task of downloading and preparing each third-party update, before carrying out the deployment to client systems. The product supports the following customization options to make Intune patch management a breeze.

Automated publishing of third-party patches in Intune

Patch Connect Plus identifies third-party applications that have been created within Intune and automatically publishes updates, as they get released by vendors. This is to take the bulk of the workload away from IT admins, using the product.

Superseded update support in Intune

ManageEngine's Patch Connect Plus provides users with flexibility over how superseded software updates are managed in the Intune Console. You can now restrict the superseded updates and applications from getting overwritten by the newer versions and can also delete the superseded updates after a specified number of days from the Intune console.

  • Retain the superseded updates

By enabling this option you will see the list of superseded updates displayed under All apps in the Intune console and you can disable it, if you only need the most recent update to be shown.

  • Retain the superseded application updates

By enabling this option you will see the list of superseded application updates displayed under All apps in the Intune console and you can disable it, if you only need the most recent update to be shown.

  • Deletion of superseded updates

This feature allows you to choose the number of days for the superseded updates to be retained on the Intune console
(max: 60 days) and will be removed once expired.

Intune 3rd Party Patching

Pre-defined deployment templates for Intune patch management

Similar to our Intune Application Management feature, managing updates to Intune also supports the use of ready-to-use templates for closely controlling deployment actions in managed devices. These templates cover some common use cases such as,

  1. Skipping the update deployment process if the application is running.
  2. Option to uninstall older patches.
  3. Restricting applications from having a start menu icon during deployment.
  4. Restricting applications from having a taskbar icon.
  5. Restricting applications from having a desktop shortcut.

Custom Pre/Post scripts for Intune third-party patching

Patch Connect Plus allows you to have granular control over Intune 3rd party patching, according to enterprise-specific goals, by giving the option to upload custom scripts for pre / post deployment activities. Pre/post scripts can be set up to control client-side activities, before and after deployment. Some of these include:

  1. Applying follow-up configurations
  2. Change registry settings
  3. Create/remove shortcuts
  4. Create/append path


Users new to the deployment of software updates over the cloud, or specifically through Intune, Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up and deploying your first update using Intune. What's more is Patch Connect Plus which supports a fully functional 30-day free trial. Download today to get started with Intune patch management.