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SharePoint Manager Plus' built-in migration tool simplifies the transfer of your resources to any environment, whether it's cloud-based or an existing version, offering seamless, secure, and granular control.


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As organizations grow and evolve, migrating data, documents, and sites within SharePoint environments becomes a critical task. Whether it's upgrading to a new version, consolidating systems, or transitioning to SharePoint Online, the migration process is often complex and daunting. Most people choose native tools or manual methods, which have limited customization options, inadequate reporting features, and are time-consuming and error-prone.


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SharePoint Manager Plus addresses these challenges by offering a streamlined migration solution.

  • It enables granular migration of folders and files while preserving metadata and permissions.
  • It facilitates the transition of your content between various on-premises SharePoint versions (2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, and SharePoint Server Subscription Edition) or to SharePoint Online.
  • It simplifies migration planning, reduces downtime risks, and minimizes disruptions.

Key capabilities of the SharePoint Manager Plus migration tool

  • Granular control and flexibility
  • Efficiency and optimization
  • Monitoring and reporting

Granular control and flexibility

  • Migrate complete sites or parts

    Achieve granular control over users, groups, and custom permissions during your migration with SharePoint Manager Plus.

  • Import files seamlessly

    Easily import files from file shares to SharePoint locations like Documents, Form Templates, Site Assets, and OneDrive's Documents folder.

  • Schedule file share import tasks

    Synchronize changes at specific intervals, convenient for your operations.

  • Customize site migration

    Select specific SharePoint site components, like site users, site groups, permission levels, lists, documents, and libraries.

  • Use file selection filters

    Choose files for migration based on creation or modification times and file extensions.

Efficiency and optimization

  • Optimize with incremental copying

    Transfer only modified files, reducing duplication and shortening copy cycles.

  • Efficiently transfer data

    Map columns between source and destination for effective data transfer, even when column headings differ.

  • Maintain original folder structures

    Preserve the organization of files in their target directories.

Monitoring and reporting

  • Leverage a unified dashboard

    Monitor migration and import progress for clear oversight

  • Enable email notifications

    Stay updated on task statuses via configurable email notifications.

  • Harness verbose error reporting

    Utilize SharePoint Manager Plus for detailed migration statuses and effective troubleshooting, ensuring a smoother, error-free transition process.

  • Guarantee technicians' accountability

    Ensure technician accountability by auditing migrations, identifying initiators, monitoring statuses, and tracking timelines.

Ready to migrate effortlessly?

Why choose SharePoint Manager Plus?

SharePoint Manager Plus' migration tool aims to empower IT admins with the capabilities needed to execute SharePoint migrations effectively, securely, and with minimal disruption to operations.

  • Security and auditing
  • Process efficiency
  • Migration management
  • Data management
  • Customization
  • User experience

Security and auditing

  • Ensure security and auditing Track component-level changes, including document libraries, lists, list items, and security levels like permissions and group changes, with real-time alerts for immediate threat response.
  • Enhance data security Implement robust security measures to ensure sensitive information transfer.

Process efficiency

  • Streamline processes Save time and minimize errors by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Review site permissions Examine user permissions across various sites to effectively manage access controls and safeguard data security.
  • Provide real-time monitoring Enable informed decision-making and quick issue resolution.

Migration management

  • Simplify migrations Streamline the migration process, reducing complexities and downtime.
  • Granular content insights View lists, document libraries, folders, or files and their permissions that are given either directly or indirectly through groups.

Data management

  • Optimize data management Utilize efficient handling, storage, and retrieval of data.
  • Identify inactive sites Detect SharePoint sites that lack regular modifications to assess their current relevance and usage.

Customization and reporting

  • Customize and control Tailor migration strategies to suit specific organizational needs.
  • Enable customizable reporting Allow IT admins to export and analyze data in formats like XLS, CSV, PDF, and HTML, enhancing collaboration.
  • Generate external sharing reports Create reports to uncover the scope of file sharing beyond the organization's boundaries, identifying potential security risks or compliance challenges.

User experience

  • Offer a user-friendly interface Ensure accessibility for IT admins with various expertise levels.

Features that make SharePoint Manager Plus

a 1-stop unified solution for your SharePoint needs


Critical SharePoint management

Perform critical SharePoint management tasks related to permissions and groups with its efficient management console.

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Change auditing

Audit SharePoint events and user activities. Track site access, site activity, changes to site permissions, and archive log data for forensic analysis as required by IT regulations.

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Instant alerts

Get critical change email notifications, prioritize tasks with severity categories, and access detailed information on when, where, and by whom the change occurred.

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Back up and restore

Automate and back up SharePoint on-premises data. Restore your SharePoint environment to a previous version at any time.

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Comprehensive reports

Get exhaustive information on your hybrid SharePoint environments with quick and easy access to categorized reports like statistics, security, activity, and usage analytics.

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Granular delegation

Delegate tasks to non-administrative users (technicians) to ease the load on managing the entire SharePoint environment.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I use SharePoint Manager Plus for migration?

SharePoint Manager Plus offers automated processes, pre-migration planning, data validation, and user-friendly features, making it one of the best tools for SharePoint migration.

2. What types of SharePoint data can I migrate using SharePoint Manager Plus?

SharePoint Manager Plus enables the migration of various SharePoint data, including documents, lists, libraries, and permissions, ensuring a seamless transition between SharePoint environments.

3. How does SharePoint Manager Plus handle selected file and folder migration between document libraries?

SharePoint Manager Plus provides a feature called Copy Site Contents, allowing selective migration of files and folders between different SharePoint environments, both on-premises and in Microsoft 365.

4. What makes SharePoint Manager Plus the best tool for SharePoint migration to Microsoft 365?

SharePoint Manager Plus stands out for its comprehensive feature set, including support for various SharePoint versions, granular migration options, and user-friendly operations, making it an excellent choice for migrating to Microsoft 365.

5. Is scheduling migration tasks with SharePoint Manager Plus possible?

Yes, you can schedule granular migration tasks at your convenience, allowing you to perform migrations during non-business hours to minimize disruptions.

6. Can I monitor migration progress in real time?

Yes, SharePoint Manager Plus provides real-time progress monitoring and detailed reports, ensuring you stay informed about your migrations.

7. How do I migrate from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online using the SharePoint migration tool?

To migrate, start by connecting the SharePoint migration tool to both environments. Configure migration settings, map content, and initiate the migration. Ensure proper authentication and permissions for a successful on-premises to online migration.

8. Can I migrate contents from a network drive to SharePoint Server or Microsoft 365 SharePoint?

Yes, contents from a network drive can be migrated to a SharePoint or OneDrive sites using the File Share Import feature.

9. Can I migrate folders or files between OneDrive or Team sites?

Yes, SharePoint Manager Plus facilitates the migration of folders and files between OneDrive or Team sites efficiently.


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