Vulnerability Manager Plus is also available as an add-on for Desktop Central. If you're interested in Desktop Central or already a Desktop Central user, here's why the add-on can be a better choice for you:

Vulnerability management add-on for Desktop Central Standalone version
Suitable For Desktop Central users Suitable for users who do not use Desktop Central
Does not require additional server set up and agents Requires a server to be set up and agents to be deployed to endpoints you want to manage
All the capabilities of Vulnerability Manager Plus can be easily extended to computers and groups that are already managed by Desktop Central. -
Available at 20% lesser price -

Note: The vulnerability management add-on covers all the capabilities of the standalone vulnerability management solution except patch management, which is already available in Desktop Central. The add-on capabilities remain the same regardless of the Desktop Central edition.

What is Desktop Central?

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a complete unified endpoint management solution which allows you to manage any device in your network from anywhere at any instant. Desktop Central enables complete PC life cycle management, acts as a comprehensive patch and software deployment solution, and provides detailed insights in the organizations's IT assets. Capabilities to remotely troubleshoot devices, image and deploy OS to numerous network computers, modern management (including BYOD devices), all from a single console ensure that this 360-degree UEM tool will watch over all the endpoints in the Enterprise. Learn in detail about the extensive capabilities of Desktop Central.

How does the vulnerability management add-on benefit Desktop Central users?

Integrating the vulnerability management add-on allows you to:

  • Tackle the sheer number of vulnerabilities by leveraging the risk background necessary to distinguish areas that need immediate attention from those that don't possess potential risk.
  • Patching often can interfere with the on-going operations of the business. It's vital to draw distinctions between what's likely to be exploited and what's not, so that you can put off patching less critical issues, the cost of fixing which would outweigh the risks.
  • The add-on automatically correlate vulnerability intelligence with the corresponding patches for remarkably swift and seamless remediation.
  • Easily extend all the threat and vulnerability management capabilities to machines and groups that are already managed using Desktop Central.
  • Enterprises that scale up often need not worry. Since Desktop Central is constantly in sync with Active Directory, new assets will be brought under the radar as soon as they enter your network, leaving no opportunity for new threats to go unnoticed.
  • Utilize additional dashboards to stay vigilant of threats and vulnerabilities at a glance.
  • Juggling multiple tools for assessment of discovered vulnerabilities and applying patches to fix them results in a fragmented workflow and disparity in data between the solutions. Now, you can perform vulnerability management as well as orchestrate patch management routines right from the Desktop Central interface.
  • Avoid hefty fines by conforming to cybersecurity compliance and regulations.