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Download WebAnalyzer Plus version 4.1


64-bit / .exe / 114MB
File SHA256 value
64 bit (exe) eabf2f280423d15dfdccafcd2471ea6c84e107dde85793c642e2c5bdf08c463d

How to update?

  1. There is no service pack for WebAnalyzer Plus. However, you can retain your configuration settings and saved reports by backing up the data in your old build and restoring them in the install location of the new build. Please follow the steps given below to move the settings and saved reports from your old build to the new one:
  1. Go to the folder <install_dir>\WAP\cassandra (e.g.: C:\ManageEngine\ANALYTICS\WAP\cassandra) in the machine where WebAnalyzer Plus is installed.
  2. Back up the data folder. This folder contains all the configuration data and the saved reports. We will need the content of this folder after installing the new build.
  3. Uninstall the old build.
  4. Now, download and install the new build.


    • The new build must be installed in the same machine where you had installed the old build.
    • The port number of the new build must be the same as the one that was used in the old build.
    • If there are any changes to the install location or port number, then the tracking code has to be updated in all the pages you are tracking.
  5. Restore the data folder to the <install_dir>\WAP\cassandra folder of the new build.
  6. Start WebAnalyzer Plus.

If you need any assistance with updating to the new build, please contact We will be happy to help you.