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ManageEngine Included in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

"The 10,000-plus SMB and enterprise customers using our Applications Manager software have relied on ManageEngine to provide easy-to-use, enterprise-grade application performance monitoring since the early 2000s," said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine. "We believe by including us in its Magic Quadrant, Gartner sheds a much-appreciated light on the growing demand for our approach to APM in companies of all sizes. We will continue to offer innovative solutions to emerging IT challenges such as maintaining optimal end user experience for apps running in physical, virtual and cloud environments."

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Offers Cisco Medianet Video Traffic Monitoring for Free

"Video can bring an enterprise network to its knees, and the Cisco Medianet support in NetFlow Analyzer is just one of the steps we’re taking to ensure our customers enjoy superior network performance for all of their network applications, including video,” said Vijayarangakannan Rajkumar, product manager at ManageEngine.

ManageEngine Integrates Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus

"As the adoption of enterprise software rises, demand for an integrated solution to manage IT operations increases in parallel. The integration of desktop management and the help desk is our first step in meeting this demand," said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, director of product management at ManageEngine. "By improving operations efficiency, enterprises are increasing the value they provide to their users, while bringing down their operations costs."

Strategic eBook Advisory: "The Evolution to Real–time IT"

"As businesses increasingly rely on applications to perform functions ranging from the mundane day–to–day to the business critical, we are seeing IT teams place a lot of importance on proactively monitoring applications for performance and availability," explained Sridhar Iyengar, vice president of product management at ManageEngine. "It has become a key requirement of the IT operations role.".

ManageEngine, Cisco to Accelerate Troubleshooting, Cut Costs on Media Traffic

Media traffic, comprising voice and video, is growing at an exponential rate. A major part of the day-to-day business activities involves frequent use of voice and video, which includes video conferencing, video telephony, video surveillance, VoIP, etc. There is demand for real-time transmission with high quality from enterprises users, which in turn necessitates higher network bandwidth. Cisco Medianet is an end-to-end IP architecture that enhances video and application experiences.

ManageEngine OpManager 9.0 Network Monitoring Platform Poised to Replace HP OpenView in Large Enterprises

"OpManager 9.0 offers a compelling alternative to legacy tools from HP, CA and IBM," said Dev Anand, product manager of ManageEngine OpManager. "The probes have been built for high availability, and a single console can monitor as many as 50,000 interfaces. APIs make it easy for IT organizations to integrate OpManager into their existing environments, and the new custom script monitors enable administrators to support their organizations in the ways they are already used to if they're familiar with HP OpenView and other large platforms."

ManageEngine Wins Four 2011 Editors’ Best Awards from Windows IT Pro Magazine

"IT professionals are looking for ways to manage and support their organizations more effectively,” said Raj Sabhlok, president, ManageEngine. “We are honored that the Windows IT Pro editors and community have recognized the importance of these real-time IT tools in changing the game for our customers and the marketspace in general."

Performance Monitoring Support for VMware vFabric™ tc Server Now Available in ManageEngine Applications Manager

"By extending the proven performance monitoring functionality of Applications Manager to support VMware vFabric™ tc Server, it becomes that much easier for administrators to ensure that all their servers - physical, virtual and cloud-based - can be monitored and managed optimally through a ‘single pane of glass," said Gibu Mathew, director of product management, applications performance management solutions at ManageEngine. “That’s the best way to achieve optimal results throughout the IT infrastructure."

ManageEngine Enables Mobile Access to On-Demand IT Help Desk Application

"At ManageEngine, it is important to us to ensure that our increasingly mobile customers have 24x7 access to the key functionality of their IT help desks," said Rajesh Ganesan, director of product management at ManageEngine. "The ability to access ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand from a mobile device firms up our commitment to establish quicker and more effective channels of​ interaction between users and the service desk. Mobile access can help improve response times, and it can help IT personnel report on and resolve incidents more quickly and more flexibly -- and that translates directly into greater cost-efficiencies and user satisfaction."

Enhancements to the Site24x7 Website Monitoring Service Deliver More Actionable Information to Website Owners

"Site24x7 can now monitor page load times versus just response times," said Gibu K. Mathew, director product management, Site24x7.com. "This gives marketing teams more visibility into how their websites are performing for end users when they roll out new marketing initiatives. The new capabilities will also help developers understand what is slowing down a web page, as they provide performance metrics across the various domains accessed by the page."

ManageEngine Integrates MSP Center Plus and Zoho Assist to Deliver Single UI for Monitoring and Remote Control

"To free SMBs and MSPs from these hassles, we decided to take a cloud approach and integrate the remote control functionality of Zoho Assist with MSP Center Plus," said Dev Anand, Product Manager, MSP Center Plus at ManageEngine.

ManageEngine Unveils VQManager Distributed Edition

"We have designed the distributed edition of VQManager using specifications culled from mid-sized and large enterprises that have expressed a need for better tools to monitor VoIP quality across geographical locations," said Sridhar Iyengar, vice president, product management at ManageEngine.

ManageEngine to Showcase Real-Time IT at Fall User Conferences
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"Real time IT is all about enabling IT to make the most of emerging real-time technologies as well as enabling IT to deliver real-time services to organizations that are operating at an ever-increasing pace," said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine, a division of ZOHO Corporation. "It's a game-changer both for IT teams and for the organizations they support."

ManageEngine Applications Manager Deepens VMware Monitoring

"We were one of the first vendors to have a complete portfolio for virtualization monitoring," said Gibu Kurian, product manager, ManageEngine. "With the support for VMware vCenter Server and the upcoming VMware vFabric tcServer support, it is our commitment to keep up with the latest technologies so our customers don't have to worry about their growing infrastructure."

ManageEngine at VMworld® 2011: Own the Cloud, Manage the Premises

“VMworld 2011 and the overall success of VMware underscore the sea change taking place in IT,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine, a division of ZOHO Corp. “Bottom line, IT wants to tap the functional and financial advantages of virtualization and cloud computing. But rather than standardize on a single vendor’s technology, most IT departments are adopting virtualization technologies from multiple vendors and introducing related virtualization challenges. In response, ManageEngine provides a single pane of glass that lets IT manage all of its vendors’ virtual machines, as well as its cloud and physical entities, creating a holistic view of the entire environment.”

ManageEngine Brings a Fresh Approach to IT Management
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"Since most IT environments today are a hybrid of physical, virtual and cloud entities, any performance slowdown in an application can affect the performance of related cloud services," said Gibu Mathew, program manager of applications performance management solutions at ManageEngine. "By automating the provisioning of cloud resources based on the performance levels of the underlying infrastructure, IT departments can ensure their business-critical cloud services are not affected by failures of the physical components. Applications Manager's out-of-the-box support for more than 50 applications and servers makes auto-provisioning simple and effective in a variety of business environments."

ManageEngine Boosts On-Demand Applications With Active Directory Integration

ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost-effective network, systems, applications and security management software solutions, today gave a boost to its On-Demand applications with Active Directory integration for ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, the ITIL-ready cloud-based help desk and asset management solution, through SAML, the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language.

ManageEngine Desktop Management Solution Controls Business Software Expenditures, Enforces USB Restrictions

"We are committed to continually giving IT administrators greater levels of enterprise-wide knowledge and control," said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, ManageEngine's director of product management for Desktop Central. "With Desktop Central, IT administrators become key contributors to their organization's profitability and compliance."

ManageEngine Releases EventLog Analyzer 7.0; Adds Agent for Log Collection and User Authentication Methods
Web2.0 Journal

"We're constantly listening to our customers to ensure our software evolves to meet their needs," said Chenthil Kumaran, product manager, ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer. "In certain environments with specific security concerns our customers have asked for agent-based log collection techniques and we've delivered."

"I can't imagine how one would make a great product even better, but it seems like you're finding ways to do it," said Dimitri Yioulos, Chief Information Officer and Director, Facilities Management, First 1 Financial Corporation. "ManageEngine is responsive to the needs of IT professionals and can be counted on to continually enhance its software."

ManageEngine Adds Auto-Provisioning of Cloud Resources to Applications Manager; Ensures Continuous SaaS Performance

"Since most IT environments today are a hybrid of physical, virtual and cloud entities, any performance slowdown in an application can affect the performance of related cloud services," said Gibu Mathew, program manager, Applications Performance Management solutions at ManageEngine. "By automating the provisioning of cloud resources based on the performance levels of the underlying infrastructure, IT departments can ensure their business-critical cloud services are not affected by failures of the physical components.

ManageEngine Adds Change Management and Compliance Reporting to Firewall Analyzer Solution
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"Identifying new avenues to expand the product and help the customer is always a priority at ManageEngine," said Pravin Kumar, product manager, ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer. "In line with that philosophy, we have added Change Management and Security Audit and Compliance Management for Firewall devices. These features allow administrators to fine-tune the devices to perform at their best. Together with the existing security event management capabilities, these new device management features fortify network security further." In addition to Firewall Analyzer's new device management features, the new release contains URL category-wise reporting, SNMP based live reports for devices and interfaces, analysis and diagnosis of live connections at the device, enhanced external user authentication support with Active Directory and RADIUS, troubleshooting tools to test device connectivity and more.

ManageEngine Announces OpStor, Industry’s First Single Console Multi-Vendor Storage Monitoring Solution

"Storage resources, both physical and virtual, play a critical role in ensuring data is available to business users when needed," said Hari Vaidyanathan, product manager, ManageEngine. "Storage Area Networks (SANs) can get complex with different vendor products and technologies. OpStor offers administrators and managers the means to track this diverse environment -- physical and virtual -- and ensure it is operating as expected."

ManageEngine Readies Network Management Platform for Large Enterprises, Maintains Ease-of-Use and Low Cost
REUTERS "We want to make OpManager more scalable, reliable, and usable so that it can handle the large enterprise IT management needs. The new enterprise edition delivers greater scalability with a max of 10,000 interfaces on each probe and 50,000 interfaces on the central server," said Dev Anand, product manager, Network Performance Management Solutions. "ManageEngine OpManager is fast becoming a low-cost but high-quality alternative across many large enterprises. In most cases we replace tools that are unnecessarily complicated and way too expensive for what they do. Smart and cost conscious IT managers figure it out real quick that OpManager can do 90% of what their existing software can do at a cost that’s less than the renewal cost of these well marketed tools"
ManageEngine Announces General Availability of OpManager On-Demand, SaaS-Based Network and Server Monitoring For Enterprises and MSPs
CLOUD Computing Journal

"The feedback we received during the application's beta period helped us develop a solution that is capable and easy to setup and use," said Rajesh Ganesan, Director, ManageEngine. "The SaaS delivery model of OpManager On-Demand addresses a big productivity challenge of managing the management systems for enterprises and MSPs. This directly allows the IT teams to give undivided focus in ensuring highest availability of their business critical systems and applications and that indirectly means success of the business."

ManageEngine releases IT360 9.0, an Integrated, ITIL-ready IT Management Suite with a Single Dashboard for Operations and Service Management Across Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

"With IT360, we moved from multiple IT tools to one integrated, end-to-end monitoring solution. A single console gives us a unified view into our entire IT infrastructure," said Senthil Manimuthu, executive director of IT Infrastructure, PMSI. "It also gives us business insight needed to make accurate decisions and report back to our customers. The flexibility and ease of implementation of IT360 gets us to market faster while providing a lower total ownership cost."

Xirrus Uses ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer to Ensure Availability of Its Wi-Fi Networks

Mike Rydalch, principal technologist at Xirrus, gives ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer high-marks as the software has become a must-have tool in his work with tradeshow and conference organizers. Having the ability to install and begin using NetFlow Analyzer in less than 30 minutes made a very positive first impression, which was reinforced by the software's capabilities. "NetFlow Analyzer gives us a breakout of different protocols used by the delegates and provides us with a real time view of overall throughput and data transfer by device throughout the facility," said Mike. "We use the NetFlow data for how the arrays are being used in a given area and it helps us make decisions on how we may improve the network real time or for the same event next year."

ManageEngine to Host User Conferences in New York and San Francisco

"Our first U.S. customer conferences mark a milestone in the continued growth of ManageEngine and we're excited to be sharing expertise with IT professionals from across the country," said Raj Sabhlok, president, ManageEngine. "We've had great success at our European user conferences and now bring a very interactive experience to the U.S. Attendees will be exposed to the latest strategies in, and get hands-on experience with, technology for managing traditional, virtual and cloud-based environments." 

New ManageEngine Applications Manager Automatically Adjusts Virtual Infrastructure Resources; Ensures Continuous Application Performance

"Since physical and virtual entities co-exist in most IT environments, any performance slowdown in an application can affect the performance of related virtual services," said Gibu Mathew, program manager, Applications Performance Management solutions at ManageEngine.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Voted WindowsNetworking.com Readers' Choice Award Winner in Help Desk Category

"We are very happy and proud of our achievement," said Umasankar Narayanasamy, product manager at ManageEngine. "ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus has been a successful product and we are grateful to our community of customers and users who are responsible for that growth. This award serves as additional motivation to us to continue our software innovation and improvement."

ManageEngine Adds Hyper-V Support to Applications Manager

"Many businesses today use virtualization products from multiple providers, and therefore, a heterogeneous approach to virtual systems management is essential," said Gibu Mathew, product manager, applications performance management solutions at ManageEngine. "With the addition of Hyper-V monitoring, we are aiming to provide the right virtualization management tool that will manage heterogeneous, multivendor virtual technologies from one management console. This, along with the cloud monitoring support that we introduced earlier, will help our customers monitor their physical, virtual and cloud computing environments with a single piece of software."

ManageEngine Applications Manager Named Among Best Systems Monitoring Solutions by Windows IT Pro

"We're very pleased to have earned the recognition of Windows IT Pro," said Gibu Kurian, product manager, ManageEngine. "We have been in the business of solving IT problems and our entire suite of IT Management solutions has been used extensively by our customers. As part of that complete suite, ManageEngine Applications Manager takes the complex nature out of server and applications monitoring, making it easy for the customer to take control. This award motivates us to keep listening to our customers and innovating for the future. The community rating was a plus to showcase our commitment to our user base."

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