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ManageEngine Press - 2010

Press - 2010

Why the freemium model will make you money

"Another vendor taking advantage of the freemium model is Pleasanton, Calif.-based ManageEngine. This company's sales model involves "offering free tools with limited functionality that's limited to a certain number of devices," Dev Anand, a product manager for MSP Center Lite at ManageEngine, said.

ManageEngine has its MSP Center Lite agent-based remote monitoring and management platform available free for MSPs that want to manage up to 25 devices. Anything beyond this is charged starting at $545 per year for 50 managed devices."

ManageEngine Launches Freemium Managed Services Platform

"The interesting twist: MSP Center Lite is free for MSPs that want to manage up to 25 devices. Beyond that, the software starts at $545 per year for 50 managed devices. Here’s a closer look at ManageEngine’s strategy plus the MSP freemium trend.

MSPmentor watches ManageEngine closely because the company is part of a larger SaaS and cloud story involving ZOHO Corp."

Where to turn for low-cost help desk management

"When the big guns of service management software are too pricey for your budget and demanding of your staffing resources, where do you turn?

ManageEngine has been a good choice for Alex Walker, IT director at Cetero Research, a leading clinical research organization based in Cary, N.C. The ManageEngine help desk software includes asset, contract, purchase-order and request management, as well as a self-service portal and a knowledge base."

ManageEngine Embraces Virtualization

"Virtualization has become quite popular in small and medium businesses because it enables companies to more efficiently use their server hardware. However, managing such devices has been a challenge, one that ManageEngine is trying to address."

VMware, ManageEngine Join Forces to Drive Virtual Server Management

"The most recent version of ManageEngine's flagship product, OpManager, features myriad enhancements for managing virtual machines. Chief among them: 70 performance monitors for VMware Infrastructure.

While this is the intent behind its design, version 8.7 ups the ante considerably. Like NEC, ManageEngine opted for native compatibility between VMware and OpManager. It will now use VMware application programming interfaces (APIs) natively to discover, map, monitor and report on VMware host servers and guests."

ManageEngine Goes Deep on VMware

"ManageEngine is planting its flagship systems management software deep in the territory of VMware.

The company today will roll out version 8.7 of OpManager, which adds support for VMware application programming interfaces to the systems management platform."

ManageEngine Launches Exchange Reporter Plus

"ManageEngine has launched Exchange Reporter Plus, a tool that apparently makes it easier for Exchange administrators to plan, control and manage email resources. Here are some quick details."

Selecting benchmarking tools for specific needs
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"Selecting a benchmarking tool can be a daunting task because there are dozens of different tools available. Not only does Windows have its own built-in tool for benchmarking (Performance Monitor), but a quick Internet search reveals a wide array of third-party tools, ranging from freeware to expensive commercial products. So how do you know which tool to choose?"

ManageEngine nominated for Best of Interop 2010 in three categories - Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Collaboration
Best of Interop

ManageEngine nominated for Best of Interop 2010 in three categories - Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Collaboration

ManageEngine Adds Synthetic Traffic Testing Tool
Best of Interop

"ManageEngine has added a new ability to generate synthetic transactions using its application monitoring tools.

Called the Real Browser Monitor, the idea behind the new module is to give IT organizations a tool for simulating the performance of an application before actually deploying it."

Best Practices Of IT Management Software Vendor Positioning

"Two years after Forrester first published it, our vendor positioning review (VPR) methodology has become a proven strategy tool; Forrester analysts have applied it in multiple advisory engagements, and marketing professionals actively leverage it as a self-assessment tool.

Forrester recognizes ManageEngine's 90:10 Promise as the best communication of our value to customers."

ManageEngine Makes Identifying Anomalies Simpler

"Network management vendor ManageEngine has upgraded one of its most popular technologies to include features that make it easier to identify performance issues.

The company has released a new set of tools for Applications Manager, its server and application monitoring software, that include anomaly detection as well as integrated application and SAN monitoring."

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