Advanced Analytics for IT

Solutions for gaining the insight needed to optimize your IT.

IT Analytics

Advanced IT Analytics (On-Premise)

Analytics Plus

  • Import data from various data sources such as spreadsheets, files and feeds, applications , Web API, relational and non-relational databases.
  • Use the intuitive visual studio to drag and drop required data fields, and create reports easily.
  • Perform cross-data analytics and merge different data sets using common fields.
  • Visually slice and dice data, drill down into details by making use of widgets, KPI metrics, pivot tables and more.
  • Securely share and embed reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs and web apps.
IT Analytics

Advanced IT Analytics (Cloud)

Zoho Reports for ServiceDesk Plus

  • Import from a variety of data sources including databases, web APIs, spreadsheets and more.
  • Build reports easily, using a drag and drop interface. No database queries required.
  • Use a variety of reporting components ( pivot tables, KPI metrics and widgets) to visually analyze your data.
  • Perform data blending, and merge different data sets, using common fields.
  • E-mail, export and print reports for offline access.

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