Associating admins

Associating admins

The ServiceNow system administrator who sets up the Analytics Plus application automatically becomes the admins of the Analytics Plus account. (Click here to learn more about Analytics Plus user roles.) To make other ServiceNow users as Analytics Plus admins, use the Filter Navigator to search for the Associate Admins menu under the ManageEngine Analytics Plus application.

Associating admins

  • In the Associate Admins page, select ServiceNow users from the displayed list.

  • After making your selection in the ServiceNow Users list, click the > button to provide admin permissions to the selected users and click Save


Note: This process can also be carried out during the initial setup of ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

Dissociating admins

You can also revoke the admin privileges of users by removing them from the Analytics Plus Admins list. 

  • Select the names from the Analytics Plus Admins list and click the < button to revoke admin privileges and click Save.

Note: Only Analytics Plus admins can modify the user roles in Analytics Plus.

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