Why do organizations need an
IT operations management solution?

If IT is the heart of a business, then it is safe to say that IT operations is the backbone, for it determines the stability of the business. Be it network devices, servers, or applications, one incautious move can have an undesirable effect on your IT environment.

The high-stakes world of IT demands proper management of all infrastructure elements to stay ahead of the game. With that said, mere management would not suffice, for the real challenge lies in correlating performance data of IT operations across all business verticals. This is where an IT operations management tool comes into the picture.

How will an IT operations management solution
help your organization?

Get end-to-end visibility into the availability and performance of your network, virtual or physical servers, and storage devices.

Track critical physical and virtual server performance metrics, including health, availability, CPU, memory, and disk utilization.

Monitor the performance of cloud applications, containers, databases, ERP suites, big data stores, and app and web servers.

Analyze front-end experience in real-time across geographies, enable quick issue resolution, and informed decision-making for improved digital performance and user satisfaction.

Perform end-to-end application monitoring with code-level diagnostics for Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, .NET Core, and PHP applications.

Gain real-time visibility into bandwidth performance, analyze bandwidth consumption, and plan future bandwidth needs accordingly.

Analyze VPN activity and usage, identify high bandwidth consumption, track destination URLs, and block unwanted traffic.

Receive real-time notifications about your IT elements, prepare them for troubleshooting, and fix issues before end users are affected.

Block malicious traffic, and control inbound and outbound traffic by thoroughly checking traffic patterns over a period of time.

Manage network configuration changes and backups to avoid network outages and reduce device downtime.

Manage IP addresses and switch ports, detect and block rogue devices, and perform troubleshooting of all your network devices.

Manage firewall rules, logs, policies, and configurations to tighten network security, and avoid network attacks.

Run compliance checks to ensure you are meeting industry standards.

Empower your business to prioritize optimal domain performance by shedding the overwhelming weight of hosting your own DNS server to manage your digital assets.

Integrate the three core network services DNS, DHCP and IPAM for holistic visibility, control, and correlation of data from the three services to gain valuable insights and quicker troubleshooting.

Here’s how IT operations management solutions have helped other organizations

Sim, a Toronto-based entertainment company, saves $21,000 annually in IT costs with ManageEngine

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The Ministry of Public Education, Costa Rica sees improved network health, performance

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KFin Technologies reduces mean time to resolution by 90%

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IT operations management solutions from ManageEngine

Network and server performance monitoring

OpManager Plus

Unified network, server, and application management

Manage your network devices, servers, storage, and applications and optimize network performance, bandwidth, traffic, flow, firewalls, IP addresses, and switch ports from a single console.



Network performance monitoring

Proactively monitor crucial performance metrics for a wide range of network devices with over 2,000 built-in monitors. Get in-depth visibility for better fault management and greater control over network performance.


NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis

Move beyond signature network traffic analysis with contextual, end-to-end visibility. Analyze traffic patterns, perform network forensics, and optimize bandwidth to streamline enterprise traffic management effectively.


Network Configuration Manager

Network change and configuration management

Take full control over your network configurations. Leverage real-time change tracking and adaptable compliance policies to avoid violations. Schedule backups and conduct remote network operations with Configlets.


Firewall Analyzer

Firewall rule, configuration, and log management

Boost your network firewall performance with the monitoring of firewall rules, configurations, and bandwidth. Strengthen your network security with in-depth log analysis, VPN tracking, security audits, and compliance reports.



IP address and switch port management

Scan, monitor, and secure your IT resources seamlessly. Keep an eye out for rogue devices and monitor network availability, bandwidth consumption, and more using over 30 built-in networking tools.


Application performance monitoring

Applications Manager

Server and application performance monitoring

Receive in-depth, code-level insights into your business-critical applications. Resolve performance issues, automate operations, and ensure end-user satisfaction with out-of-the-box support for over 150 technologies.



Full-stack monitoring for IT admins, DevOps, and SREs

Gain complete visibility into all IT resources—from websites, APIs, and servers to networks, cloud services, and applications. Collect metrics, logs, and traces in a unified view to detect performance issues and reduce MTTR.


IT incident management


Centralized IT alert management

Integrate all your IT management tools with AlarmsOne to manage every IT alert from one window. Reduce alert noise, define escalations, and get notified about critical alerts through email, SMS, and phone call.


Site24x7 StatusIQ

Status pages for real-time status and incident communication

Transparently communicate outages and operational status. Display the status of critical components, allow users to subscribe to updates, and announce upcoming maintenance to manage downtime and build user trust.


DNS and DHCP management


An all-in-one DNS management service to keep your business online

Ensure fast, secure name resolution for your domains with real-time traffic routing, failover monitoring, health checks, and query analytics. Control DNS traffic and prevent downtime from a centralized console.


DDI Central

Unified DNS, DHCP, and IP address manager

Streamline your network with a unified platform for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI), enhancing efficiency, control, visibility, and security while providing real-time performance insights and simplified cluster management.


  - Bundled product

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