Data Retention

This section is applicable to all editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition [Probes only] and MSP Edition [Probes only].

To plot graphs and generate reports, Servers & Applications module of IT360 collects data from monitors, at regular intervals. By default, it aggregates the performance data into hourly data at the end of each hour. The hourly data thus calculated will be aggregated into daily data at the end of each day. Finally, the aggregated data will be used in graphs and reports.

The Servers & Applications module also allows you to maintain the database with the required data. By default, the detailed data will be maintained for six hours max, the hourly data for 90 days and the daily data for 365 days. After the specified period, the database is cleaned up automatically.

Steps to Configure Data Retention

To configure your own settings for data retention, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to 'Admin -> Servers & Applications -> Report Settings'.

  2. Click the Data Retention tab. Now, configure the below details:

    1. Enter the number of days for which Hourly statistics should be maintained.

    2. Enter the number of days for which Daily statistics should be maintained.

    3. Enter the number of  recent alarms that should be maintained in the database.

    4. Save the changes.