Upload MIBs/Scripts


This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Both the Central Server and the Probes) and the MSP Edition (Both the Central Server and the Probes).

This is an option to upload the required files, such as jars, zip, MIB, and scripts (batch and shell) into Applications module directory, without much of manual effort. You just have to provide the file, by browsing it from your local machine, and it gets automatically uploaded to the required directory of the Applications module. Follow the given steps to upload a file.

Note: By default, the Upload Files/Binaries page is enabled in the Web Client. As an Administrator, if you want to disable this option, follow the steps given below;

  1. Edit the file AMServer.properties, located in the '<IT360 Home>/applications/conf' directory.

  2. Set the value of am.upload.enabled as false.

  3. Restart the IT360 server.

To once again enable this page, simply set the value of am.upload.enabled, as true.

Steps to Upload MIBs/Scripts

  1. Login to IT360 console with the Username and Password of an Admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. Click Upload files under General. In the wizard displayed, do the following:

  4. Click on the Browse button, to locate the file to be uploaded in your local machine.

Note: The file to be uploaded must be present in your local machine.

  1. Choose the type of Upload such as JAR/ MIB/ Script. The purpose of choosing the type, is to upload the files in the directories, mentioned for each type of upload.

  2. Click on Upload to upload the files to the desired directory of Application module.

The uploaded files will be available under the specified directory of the Application module and can be used for other operations.

List of Files Suitable for Upload

The following files can be uploaded to IT360, by using the Upload Files/Binaries option.

The user can alternatively do the following;


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