Global Settings


This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Both Central & Probes), and MSP Edition (Both Central & Probes).

Here is explained the Global settings configuration that can be made in IT360. To access the Global Settings option, do the following;

  1. Login to IT360 console with the Username and Password of an Admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. Click Product Settings under General. By default, the Global Settings tab will be selected, else click that tab. In the Global Settings wizard displayed, perform any of the below explained configurations and click the Save button.

Global Setting Options

  1. Do not hide Advanced configuration in Alert Configuration:

  1. Add Host as a Monitor when you associate a service running in it to the business service:

Note: This host will be monitored only if you have provided the required configuration information.

  1. Add Host also when you add a new service:

While adding a Service as a Monitor, by selecting this option, the host, on which the service runs will also be added.

  1. Restart the product in case of serious server error:

By selecting this option, you can restart IT360 automatically, incase of any serious Server error, such as out-of-memory error.

Note: This host will be monitored, only if you have provided the required configuration information.

Note: In the case of Enterprise & MSP editions (Central), only 2 & 4 of the above Global Setting options will be availaible.

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