Configuring Consecutive Polls 


This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition [Probes only] and MSP Edition [Probes only].

If you do not want IT360 to generate alert, for the first time the threshold condition is crossed in the Applications module, then you can use this option to specify the number of consecutive polls, before generating an alert. For e.g., if you want an email alert to be generated, only if the CPU Disk utilization is above 100%, consecutively for more than two polls, then you can configure the number of consecutive polls, before reporting an error as 2. In Action / Alert Settings , you can have a common setting for all the monitors.

If you want to overwrite the common settings, you can also configure the polls, before reporting an error on availability and threshold of individual monitors.

The Consecutive Polls can be configured in the below listed ways:

  1. On "Availability" for Individual Monitors

  2. On "Threshold" for Individual Monitors

  3. "Common" for all Monitors and Attributes

1. Configuring Polls on Availability for Individual Monitors

To Configure Polls on Availability for Individual monitors, do the following;

  1. Click on the My Dashboard tab that lists all the Business Services.

  2. Click any of the Server or Application Monitor Types under the Infrastructure Snapshot-Servers or Infrastructure Snapshot-Applications widget.

  1. From the list of all monitors displayed under the selected Monitor Type, click any of the Monitors link, for hich you wish to configure the polls. The Overview page of the monitor is displayed.
  1. Click the Configure Alarms link under Today's Availability.

  1. In the Configure Alarms window displayed, select the Configure actions at Attribute level checkbox to see the Set consecutive polls count details.

  2. Set consecutive polls count:

  1. Click Save to complete configuring the Polls. Click Save and Configure Another to complete configuring the Polls and start a new configuration. Click Remove Configuration to delete the configured Polls.

2. Configuring Polls on Threshold for Individual Monitors

To Configure Polls on Threshold for Individual monitors, do the following;

  1. Create New Threshold Profile, as per details found in Creating Threshold Profile.

  2. While creating the threshold profile, specify the Polls to try that can be scheduled, before reporting an error. By default, it takes the value from action / alert settings. For e.g., if you have created a threshold for web server to be critical, if the response time crosses 100 seconds, and you wish to receive an email alert, only if the web server becomes critical after two polls and not at the first poll itself, then configure the number of polls before reporting an error, as 2.

Note: Just leave the above textboxes empty, if you want the default Consecutive Polls Count under Action/Alarm Settings to take effect.


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