Windows Performance Counters

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

Creating Windows Performance Counters:

To create a Windows Performance Counter, follow the below steps;

  1. Login to IT360 console with the Username and Password of an Admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. Click Discover/Add under Discovery.

  4. Choose the option Add from the Discover / Add type dropdown and select the Application radio button.

  5. In the Add New Monitor wizard displayed, click Windows Performance Counters under Custom Monitors. Fill-in the following details:

  6. Provide Name for Windows Performance Counter.

  7. Enter the Description for the counter.

  8. Enter the Polling Interval for the counter.

  9. Select the Host Name from the combo box, or you can create a new host (by giving the new Hostname / IP address, Username and Password of the host).

  10. Now, Associate the above Monitor Instances to a Business Service. i.e. choose the Business Service, to which you want to associate the Windows Performance Counters, from the combo box. If no Business Service is found, Create one by clicking the Create New Business Service link.

The windows performance counter values can be added and monitored as attribues. Kindly refer Windows Performance Counters Monitoring to know more about Attributes.

Note: Windows Performance Counters is currently supported for Windows XP , Windows 2000 / 2003 & Windows 2008.

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