Custom Monitors 


This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

Custom Monitor Types:

Custom Monitors available are;

JMX / SNMP Dashboard:

This custom monitor provides a real-time, correlated view of the entire application stack, thus improving J2EE/J2SE application performance, by monitoring its data sources, such as JMX MBean source and SNMP Agents.

JMX / SNMP Dashboard is a logical grouping that consists of data sources, such as JMX MBean and SNMP OID. It can have both the JMX and SNMP attributes.

Building JMX / SNMP Dashboard involves the below tasks;

The advantage of creating the dashboard is to monitor various data source at a common place.

Adding Attributes:

Once you add a JMX / SNMP Dashboard, the Add Attributes option is available. Click that to add custom attributes to your Custom Monitor. The following are the data sources, for which the custom monitors are built by IT360. Click on the topics, to view the steps required to add the respective data sources or attributes to the Custom Monitor;


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