SAP CCMS Monitors


This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

IT360 allows you to monitor the Availability and Connection time of SAP CCMS monitors, from a centralized web console.

Availability tab, gives the availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days. The Connection time refers to the time taken by IT360, to connect to the SAP server. You can also add Performance / Status / Log attributes in the same page, by clicking on link 'Add Attributes', or by clicking on 'Add Custom Attributes', under Quick Links section.

Monitored Parameters:

The following parameters are monitored for SAP CCMS.



Monitor Information


Specifies the health of the monitor, based on its dependencies.


Type of the Monitor.

Host Name

Specifies the host, in which the SAP is running.

Host OS

The Operating System of the host.

Last Polled at The time, at which last polling happened.

Next Polled at

The time, at which the next polling is scheduled.


The current status of the SAP CCMS Monitor - whether it is up or down.

Adding SAP CCMS Attributes:

To add a SAP CCMS monitor set's attributes, follow the steps given below;

1. Click on Add Attributes or Add Custom Attributes link in SAP CCMS monitor page.

2. In the Add Attributes screen, you will find the entire set of CCMS monitoring tree elements (MTE). Click on the MTE, which you would like to monitor, and this expands the entire set of attributes, available inside the monitor set.

3. Similarly, you can also select various MTEs and its attributes, available inside the CCMS monitors.

4. If there are no attributes present inside the MTE, the following error message appears: "There are no Performance / Status / Log Attributes present in this Node".

5. Click on Add Attributes button, to complete the process.

6. If you would like to delete the exisiting attributes, click on Add Custom Attributes link. In SAP Custom Attributes screen, IT360 will list the exisiting attributes that are being monitored, and provides you the option to delete the attributes. You can also enable / disable reports, for the attributes, in the same screen.


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