Tomcat Servers


This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

Supported Versions:

IT360 supports monitoring of the following versions of the Tomcat Servers;

  1. Tomcat 3.x

  2. Tomcat 4.x

  3. Tomcat 5.x and above

Monitored Parameters:

Tomcat Servers are monitored, based on the parameters or the attributes, listed below. These attributes provide information about the functioning of the Monitors of Tomcat server. You can also configure thresholds to the numerical attributes, monitored by the server, based on these details.

Availability tab, gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days. Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days. List view enables you to perform Bulk admin configurations. Click on the individual monitors listed, to view the following information.




Shows the current status of the server - Available or Not available.

Average Response Time

Refers to the average time, in milliseconds, for getting a response.

Requests per Second

Specifies the number of requests received by the server in one second.

Average Bytes per Second

Refers to the average bytes per second.

Total Memory

Specifies the total memory of the server in mega bytes.

Used Memory

Specifies the used memory of the server in mega bytes.

Free Memory

Specifies the free memory of the server in mega bytes.

Busy Threads

Specifies the number of threads busy i.e that are currently used.

Current Threads

Specifies the number of created threads that are available for use.

Response Summary

Contains Response Type that specifies the count of the response in each type.

Application Summary

Lists different web applications such as servlets, running in the server. Click on the application names to view details.

Session Details

Gives the number of sessions of the Tomcat Server.

Note: 1. The data displayed, varies between the different versions of the Tomcat Server.

2. For Tomcat Server 3.x and 4.x, agent has to be deployed for monitoring.

Data displayed for Tomcat 3.x:

  1. Availability

  2. Memory Usage

Data displayed for Tomcat 4.x:

  1. Availability

  2. Response Time Details

  3. Memory Usage

  4. Response Summary

  5. Application Summary and Details

Data displayed for Tomcat 5.x and above:

  1. Availability

  2. Response Time Details

  3. Memory Usage

  4. Thread Details

  5. Response Summary

  6. Application Summary and Details.

  7. Session Details.


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