FAQs on WAN Monitor

1. Why there are no alerts from the device?

You might not have received alerts from the device if the trap host is not configured in the  source Router. Make sure you configure the routers to send traps to IT360. Telnet the router and type the following command:

snmp-server host <IT360 server IP> traps <host community string> rtr

For instance, if the IT360 host IP Address is, and the community string is private, the command would be:

snmp-server host traps private rtr

2. Why  should i give Snmp Write community to the router?

Both, the SNMP read and write community string needs to be set on the source router. The write community is used to configure the IPSLA agent on the device while the read community is used by IT360 to gather performance data from the router.

3. Why the Source Router field is empty?

In order to monitor latency between two locations You just need to tell ManageEngine IT360 which links you want to monitor i.e source and target. The source router(Cisco router enabled with IPSLA agent) should be discovered by the ManageEngine IT360. Once the Cisco router is discovered in the ManageEngine IT360 with valid SNMP read and write community strings it will be available in the Source Router select field to select as a source for adding WAN RTT Monitor.

Please follow these steps to discover a source router in ManageEngine IT360:

4. Why I am getting 'Source router SNMP write community may be wrong' error message?

Actions Required:

5. Why i am getting "Source router SNMP read community may be wrong" message?

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