Best Practice of ManageEngine IT360

Monitoring active networks, applications, and bandwidth consumed by the devices is a must to gain accurate and real-time visibility of the health of your network. However frequent monitoring can become a huge strain on your network resources as it generates a lot of traffic on the network, especially in large networks.

We recommend monitoring only the critical devices and applications on the network. This is a best practice adopted by the network administrators worldwide.

Frequently Montior the devices, applications and interfaces that are critical, say every 5 minutes once. Devices, applications and interfaces that are not considerd critical or has inferior roles to play, monitor them less frequently, say 20 to 30 minutes once.

Following are the components of networks that are considered critical:

Applications that are considerd critical:

Note: If you require Failover support, then it is recommended that you use MSSQL as the backend database.

IT360' Traffic module by default monitors the interfaces of the routers that export the IP traffic being handled using Netflow, cflowd, jFlow, IPFIX, Netstream and sFlow. 

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