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Best practices to help you leverage best out of IT360 MSP

This is one stop for all resources to support ManageEngine IT360. You can find product documents, webinars, upcoming case-studies, product videos and whitepapers.

Product Collaterals and Documents :

Here, you can find product collaterals and documents that will help you while using ManageEngine IT360. Feel free to use the Presentations, PDFs and other documents for your internal use.

IT360 Documents
Product Overview - PPT | PDF Fact Sheet - PDF
Product Brochure - PDF System Requirements - HTML
Install Guide for MSP Edition - PDF Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
Getting Started Guide - HTML

Online Help Documentation

For version 10100: ZIP | HTML

For version 9.1.3 and earlier: HTML

Known Issues and Limitations - View Online Release Notes - HTML

Webinars : List of recorded webinars.

With ManageEngine IT360 we are trying to give you an integrated view of your IT infrastructure so that you can view IT as one entity and not as scattered modules working in silos. With webinars we try to reinforce that statement by including industry research, expert advices and customer experience. Find them out in the webinar listed below, also stay tuned with us for future webinar alerts.

Title Event Description Speakers View Webinar
The first steps to Real-time IT IT is growing more and more complex, and IT managers need new tools and approaches to ensure optimal response and high quality of service for organizations. Adam Dunlap,
Director, IT, Network solutions,
Appalachia Technologies.

Sridhar Iyengar
Suvish Viswanathan ManageEngine.

White Paper : Write-ups on latest technology and other best-practices to adapt.

With Integrated IT Management gaining momentum, we at ManageEngine try to collaborate with various research and consultancy leaders like Gartner and EMA to make domain specific research papers. This will help you in decision making to choose the best fit solution for your environment. Read them to know how ManageEngine IT360 will add value to your organization.

White Paper
The Evolution to real time IT Gartner research added Executive Summary
Time has come for single view of IT Gartner research added
ManageEngine:Shaking Industry Complacencies an EMA whitepaper