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Web Transaction Monitoring

It is a well-known fact that online transaction engines such as forms, product searches, registration pages, and logins, rely on multiple servers and web services. This intricacy gives rise to the risk that parts of your site might not function properly if not completely monitored layer by layer. If a failure occurs in one of those modules the transaction between various modules of application gets affected and you end up in a situation of losing the valuable business and customer.

How ManageEngine IT360 Overpowers Web Transaction Monitoring Hurdles?

IT360 guarantees a web transaction monitoring solution that continually monitors your business application transactions and alerts you, when any of the various steps in a transaction don't work as expected or breaches any set threshold level. Behavioral scripts, or paths, are created to simulate an action or path that a customer or end-user would take on a site. Those paths are then continuously monitored at specified intervals for availability and response time measures.

Scrutinize Your Business Applications and Web Transactions from End-User's Perspective!

IT360`s web transaction monitoring services can analyze your business applications from around the world and notify you when there are issues that affect user experience. IT360's extensive reporting engine provides detailed, step-by-step analysis that lets you see what causes bottlenecks and usability issues.

With this, you can view end-to-end web transactions from URL to SQL. Drill down view can be seen starting from WEB components to EJB to Java and to SQL. Web Transaction Monitor requires an agent to be plugged in the application server, to be monitored.

It assists you in doing the following:

  • Evaluating Each Step In a Web Transaction.
  • Receiving Detailed Performance and Availability Metrics.
  • Identifying Bottlenecks and Failure Points.
  • Ensuring High Quality User Experience.
  • Providing Your Customers with Fully Customizable Alerts and Notifications, such as email, text messaging and more.
  • Offering IT360 with a FREE 30 Day Trial, along with FREE Technical Support and Set-up Assistance.

1. J2EE Web Transactions:

IT360 allows you to monitor J2EE Web Transactions, where monitoring of the entire end-to-end Web Transactions, starting from URLs to SQLs can be carried out. Performance metrics of WEB components, EJB, Java and SQL statements, executed by the URL, can also be monitored. In addition, to identify bottlenecks in performance, individual methods of the various J2EE and Java components can be tracked.

J2EE Web Transaction Monitor requires an agent to be plugged in the server, to be monitored. Through this agent, the Performance metrics data is collected for the URLs, invoked by the server, and is displayed in the J2EE web transaction monitor. Clicking the J2EE Web Transaction Monitor under the Applications tab allows you to view the following performance metrics for the monitor:

J2EE Web Transaction Metrics:

It provides you with details such as, the execution time of the URL and status along with the performance data for the various components like WEB, EJB, Java and SQL. By clicking on a specific URL, the execution details (Trace), for that particular URL, is displayed as a Tree structure. The trace will chart the sequence of the internal invocations (methods) of the URL.

In the trace, details of the Methods, like Type of method (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, etc.,), Status of the method (GOOD / ERROR), Execution time is shown. If an SQL is invoked, the SQL Query that was executed would be displayed under More Info. Clicking on the Tree will give you the entire list. Clicking on the respective components, like WEB, will list the various methods of that component alone.

2. Java Runtime Transactions:

Java Runtime Monitor provides out-of-the-box remote monitoring and management on the Java platform, and of applications that run on it. It gives memory and thread statistics. Thresholds can be associated and alerts can be generated. It checks the availability, response time, connection time (time taken by the IT360 to look up the JMX agent on the remote JVM) of the monitor, along with many other parameters, such as Process Memory parameters, Thread Parameters, Virtual Memory Parameters, etc. For the entire list of parameters being monitored by IT360 for Java Runtime Transactions, click here.


Implementing effective web transaction monitoring with IT360, offers the following benefits:

  • Report and alert on performance/availability of J2EE web transaction monitor and the java runtime monitor, by Health, Connection Time, Memory Usage, and more .
  • Reduce time to triage and troubleshoot performance issues
  • Send alerts and reports to specific "owners" of particular monitor/content.
  • Receive prompt alerts, when third-party providers violate agreed-to performance SLAs.

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