This section is applicable to Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition [Probes only] and MSP Edition [Probes only - Applicable, if only one Customer / Site is associated with the Probe].

Here, you will be able to Configure Network Discovery and edit the Services.

Network Discovery:

It is the process of discovering all Monitors, in a specified network. By this process, you can discover all services and terminals in the network. It discovers the Monitors, running in the default port only.

Steps to Discover Monitors:

To discover all the Monitors in a network, do the following;

  1. Go to 'Admin -> Servers & Applications' and click Discovery.

  2. Click on the Network Discovery tab and the Discover a Network link.

  1. In the Configure Network Discovery page displayed, enter the Network IP Address.

  2. Enter the SubNetMask of the network.

  3. Click Start Discovery, to start discovering the Monitors within the mentioned network.

FAQs on Network Discovery:

  1. How does 'Network Discovery' function work? How to discover the network? e.g. through what mode?

Initially IT360 gets all the IP addresses in the given domain, and then discovers them, by using ping test. If the ping test succeeds, and if SNMP agent is running on that machine, IT360 will try to add it to the appropriate category (i.e., windows / linux / solaris ) and collect data, else adds that server to unknown category.

  1. If I add a new 'Network Discovery', does it only discover once or discover at regular intervals? Because there are only 'Add New' and 'Disable Network Discovery' buttons, I don't know when it will start to discover and when it will finish discovery.

When you add Network Discovery, it will rediscover the network, every time you restart IT360, and also it will do rediscovery, once in every 24 hours. Once you start network discovery, it will start discovering the servers in the network. It will wait for an interval of 20 seconds, between discovering the servers.

  1. I don't want to monitor a certain monitor, I delete it manually; but I don't disable network discovery, will it be discovered and monitored again?

Yes, it will discover that monitor again in the next rediscovery, which takes place after 24 hours.

  1. I don`t find the 'Discovery' option under the 'Admin' tab in MSP (Probe). What could be the reason for this?

In the case of MSP (Probe, as Discovery option is not applicable to the Central), the 'Discovery' option will be shown under the 'Admin' tab, if only one Customer / Site is associated with that Probe.



Using this option, you can choose which of the services needs to be monitored, by default. The services are listed down, along with their default ports. For e.g., if you had already added a Windows Server monitor, by using this option, you can choose the services (that are running in that windows server) to be monitored. You can choose to monitor all the tomcats & IIS servers that are running in the windows server. Data Collection does not happen for services that are not enabled, thereby increasing the efficiency of monitoring, in general.

By using the 'Edit' option, you can edit the Port number. If there are multiple ports, enter the ports, as comma separated values.


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