Viewing Reports

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition - Central Server and Probes and MSP Edition - Central Server and Probes.

An important aspect of all management tasks is that you can analyze the trend over time and evaluate the performance. The analysis is also useful in making calculated predictions and taking corrective actions as necessary. These calculated predictions allows you to plan for any future impact on performance for various services. To view these reports, you can follow either of the given steps:

The reports generated by IT360 depicts the availability, health, response time and alerts of the application over a specified period of time. The reporting function enables you to analyze your servers / applications / databases/ web servers / web applications / services even across months and all this even without having to make any additional configuration changes. The reports are generated dynamically, which means that you only see reports for monitors that you have created in IT360. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have enabled reports for all the monitors. The generated reports has 7 / 30 report details which enables you to understand the behaviour of your applications under various business hours or during a particular period of the week/month. This feature allows you to make predictive calculations on future impact.

Some of the common functionalities of reports are as follows:

Note: This is not applicable to reports generated for Business Service/Sub-Group.

Note: Scheduling of reports is possible by using 'Schedule Reports' under Admin tab.

The reports that are available in IT360 include:

  • Business Service

  • Custom Types

  • Trend Analysis Report

  • Servers

  • Application Servers

  • Database Servers

  • Web Services

  • Web Servers

  • URLs/Web Apps

  • Services

  • Mail Server

  • Java/Transactions

  • ERP

  • Middleware/Portal

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