How does End User Monitoring (EUM) Work?

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

End user monitoring enables IT operations ensure that the real end users of an application or service are experiencing good performance. Since the EUM agents take care of collecting and reporting data, an IT administrator can accurately keep track of the performance of services, without requiring to take any additional steps.

To configure EUM monitors, you have to download EUM agentsinstall them in your branch offices or customer locations, and install IT360 server in your head office. Once these agents are enabled, they will collect data about the service performance from these locations and pass the same to the central IT360 server. This data will then be processed by IT360 and used for measuring the end user experience.


The EUM agents can be installed in multiple branch offices in different cities, or in the systems of your end users. All you need is a secure HTTPS connection between the agent and the IT360 server.

The EUM agent pings the IT360 server at specific time intervals and gathers information, such as the Service configuration details. The service will then be executed from the remote location and the results will be passed on to the central IT360 server. Based on the metrics received from the agent, the IT360 server measures the performance of these services and generates performance charts. Some of the performance metrics displayed in the Monitor details page include, Response time from different locations, Outage report based on locations, etc.

Based on the information shown in the EUM monitor, the IT team can determine how the service is being performed from the different locations. If there is a performance issue in a particular agent, they can troubleshoot, initiate root cause analysis, isolate the real performance issue and resolve them before the end users are affected by the same.

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