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This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

IT360 acts as a continuous URL monitoring service that keeps a constant watch over the specified URL or web site pages. URL monitors verify the availability of specified, addressable, standard HTTP and HTTPS URLs. They scan the HTTP and HTTPS pages, looking for a predefined keyword, to check whether the web site is available.

There are two ways of URL monitoring, provided by IT360;

In URL Sequence, click on the individual URL listed, to view its monitored parameters.

Monitored Parameters:




Monitor Information


Specifies the health of the monitor based on its dependencies.


Type of Monitoring .

URL address

Specifies the URL being monitored.

Match Content

The string that is searched in the resulting html page.

Request Method

The request method sent to the HTTP/ HTTPS URL (Get or Post).

Monitored Parameters


The current status of the URL / URL Sequence - whether it is up or down.

Response Time

The response time for accessing an URL or total response time of URL Sequence (takes into account the response time of the individual URLs in the Sequence).

Current Status

Current status of the response time. Click on the icon to know its RCA details.

Current Page Size

The current page size of the URL, in bytes (only in URL monitoring).

% Change in Page Size

The % change between the current page size and the previous page size. (only in URL monitoring)


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