J2EE Web Transaction Agent


This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

Monitor Information:

J2EE Web Transaction Monitor requires an agent, to be plugged in the Application server (e.g. JBoss, Tomcat), to be monitored. Follow the steps given below to deploy the agent;


To enable J2EE Web Transaction Monitor in JBoss application Server, do the following :

By default, only the standard J2EE classes are instrumented for performance metrics. This includes Servlet, JSP, EJB and JDBC classes. In order to collect metrics for the user's Java classes, the '<wta.props>' file needs to be configured.

J2EE Web Transaction Agent Configuration:

Configuration is driven via the 'wta.props' file. Properties in 'wta.props' are;

  • port - Port in which the Agent starts. The default port of the agent is 55555. You can change the default value, according to your requirement.

  • package-rule - This can contain a value of 'include' or 'exclude'. If specified as include then, only the packages present in the package-list are selected for instrumentation. If specied as exclude then all the packages except for the ones mentioned in the package-list are selected for instrumentation.

  • package-list - This is a comma separated list of the packages that have to be selected for instrumentation. (The package names can be truncated, for e.g., '<com.test.server.accounts>' can be specified as '<com.test.server>'.

To configure the 'wta.props' file in your Application Server, add '-Dam.wtaconf.dir =<directory', in which the 'wta.props' file is present in JAVA_OPTS. A sample 'wta.props' file is present under '<IT360_home>/applications/working/conf>'.

To verify if the agent has started, look for the message 'Web Transaction agent started at port <55555>', in the startup logs.

Note: This file should be used juditiously because unwanted packages selected for instrumentation will create additional performance overhead on the system.



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