Custom Reports

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Both Central & Probes) and MSP Edition (Both Central & Probes).

The device reports are available in their respective Device Snapshot pages. The Custom Reports option is useful, when you want to view the fine-tuned version of a Device report. For example, if you wish to view a report pertaining only to specific contraints (e.g., a particular metric, or a specific period of time), then this option is much useful.

Steps to Generate a Custom Report

  1. Navigate to the Device Snapshot page of the device, for which the Custom Report is to be generated.

  2. Click on the Reports drop down list and select the Custom Report option.

  1. Now, choose the below custom options, as required:

  1. Device Name: By default, the IP Address of the device chosen by you in the Network Overview page is displayed here. If you want to view the Custom report of some other device, click the Select Device link. A window pops up with a list of devices (below screenshot). Select the required device and click OK.

  1. Available Metrics: The metrics corresponding to the selected device are displayed in this textbox. Select the required metric(s), for which you wish to view the Custom Report.

  2. Start Time and End Time: Specify the period, i.e., the starting date/time and the ending date/time, for which you wish to view the Custom Report.
  1. Now, click Show Report. The Custom report is displayed as per the options chosen by you. (refer the below screenshot)


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