Networks Module Overview


This section gives an overall idea about the Networks module, with respect to the following editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and MSP Edition.

With the increased demand for Network Monitoring software in IT industry, the Network module of IT360 has been built, to satisfy the needs of Network administrators, by monitoring the different devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, printers, etc, from a single console.


What Should Be Monitored? 

Active Network monitoring is very essential, to gain accurate and real-time visibility of the health of your network. However, frequent monitoring can become a huge strain on your network resources, as it generates a lot of traffic on the network, especially in the case of large networks. 

We recommend monitoring only the critical devices on the network. This is a best practice adopted by the network administrators worldwide.

 Following are the components of networks that are considered critical:


Procedure to Add Monitors:


  1. Adding Credentials

  2. Discovering Networks

  3. Discovering Devices

  4. Adding More Monitors

  5. Adding Custom Monitors

Managing Devices

  1. Managing and Unmanaging a Device

  2. Device Snapshot

  3. Configuring Additional Fields for Devices

  4. Configuring Additional Fields for Interfaces

  5. Configuring Device Dependencies

  6. Adding Custom Links to Devices

  7. Administratively Disabling an Interface

Classifying and Mapping the devices

  1. Using Device Templates

  2. Using Interface Templates

  3. Categorizing into Default Maps

  4. Using Business Views

  5. Adding New Infrastructure Views

  6. Sorting Devices in Maps

  7. Different Views in Maps

  8. Importing Devices

Customizing Dashboards

  1. Creating New Dashboard

  2. Adding Widgets

  3. Editing Widgets

  4. Moving Widgets

  5. Deleting Widgets

  6. Setting as Default Dashboard

  7. Editing Dashboard Layout

  8. Deleting Dashboard

Views in IT360

  1. List View

  2. Infrastructure View

  3. Business View

  4. Network View

  5. Unknown Devices View


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