Workflow Execution Logs

This section is applicable to the following editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

Workflow Logs provide the ouput of the executed workflows. It provides the result as well the data of each task that had been included in the workflow. You can also generate reports on Workflow logs [Reports-> System-> Workflow Logs].

Steps to View Workflow Execution Logs

Note: Apart from the below listed way of viewing the workflow logs, you can also do it from the Network device snapshot page
  1. Navigate to "Networks -> IT Automation".

  2. Click Execution Logs. The below page is displayed that lists all the available workflows.

  1. From the above page, click the required Workflow Log name to view the following details of each of the associated device; Task Name, Message/Output, Severity and the executed Date & Time of the tasks, as shown below. You can also click the Hide All / Expand All links to close or view all the logs.


Each task once executed is logged with its severity for understanding its execution status. Following are the severities in Workflow:

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