Configuring Roles


Each technician accessing the helpdesk tool will have a set of permissions and tasks to execute in the application. These access permissions are termed as Roles in ManageEngine IT360. Multiple roles can be created and assigned to each technician based on the requirement. The roles for requesters are pre defined and hence cannot be configured.

To open the role configuration page:

  1. Log in to the ManageEngine IT360 application using the user name and password of a ManageEngine IT360 administrator.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. On the Users block, click the Role icon. The next page displays the available list of roles. You can add, edit, or delete roles.

Add Role

To add a role,

  1. Click the Add New Role link to open the Add Role form.

  2. Enter the Role Name in the given text field. The Role Name has to be unique and is a mandatory field.

  3. Enter a brief description of the role in the Description field.

  4. Set the Access Permissions for the role by selecting the check boxes beside the access levels defined for each module of the application.

    If you wish to provide full control permissions to the requests, inventory, contract and solutions module, then enable the check box below Full Control. This will automatically enable all the operations of the corresponding modules. You can provide add permission to the remaining modules by selecting the Add check box. Enabling the Add check box automatically enables the view permission.

  1. The access permissions for request and purchase modules are further categorized and defined under Advanced Permission. Set the advanced permission for add, edit and delete operations by enabling the check box.

  1. You can also choose to restrict the technician from viewing all the requests received by the application. To do this, select the corresponding radio button which will suit your need from the following,

  1. You can also provide permission to approve solutions in the role by enabling the check box beside Technician allowed to Approve solution. Thus the technician assigned with this role will be able to approve solutions.  

  2. Click Save. If you want to add more just one role, click Save and add new button.  

At any point, if you decide not to add the new role, then click Cancel to get back to the role list. Clicking the View List link on the top right corner of the add role form will also take you to the role list view.


Edit Role

To edit an existing role,

  1. In the Role List page, click the edit iconEdit Iconbeside the role name that you wish to edit. This opens the Edit Role form.

  2. You can modify the name of the role, description, and the permissions associated with the role.

  3. Click Save to save the changes. At any point, if you wish to cancel the operation that you are performing, click Cancel.

Even while editing a role, if you wish to add a new role, then click the Save and add new button. The Add Role form opens after displaying a message that the changes are saved.


Delete Role

  1. In the Role List page, click the delete iconbeside the role name that you wish to delete. A confirmation dialog is opened.

  2. Click OK to proceed with the deletion. If you do not want to delete the role, then click Cancel.

    Note: You cannot edit or delete the SDAdmin and SDGuest roles that are already defined in the application. They are the default administrator and requester roles defined.

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