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Known Issues

Known Issues and Limitations in IT360

Known Issues

  1. While changing a User Role from a non network role to a network role, user login may not be as expected. Work around is available to fix this issue.
  2. The facet data will not be in sync with the search results under certain conditions.


  1. Interface, Device Group and IP Group created in Traffic module is not segmented and is available to all users with administrator privilege irrespective of the Customer/Site scope chosen.
  2. Any newly added attribute for a network device in a Probe gets reflected in the Central Server only after a device status change [or a device type change] occurs [in the Probe] or after an alarm is generated for the new attribute [in the Probe].However, a workaround is available to update the Central Server instantly. Please contact support team.
  3. Certain views related to network monitoring cannot be viewed at the Central Server, when the Probe is down or when the network module in the Probe is down.
  4. Active Directory Pass Through Authentication (AD-SSO) will work only for a single AD forest.
  5. Customer Segmentation is not supported in WAN related Widgets.
  6. Creating a new Business Service with Hyphen, Underscore, Single Quotes, Double Quotes is not supported.
  7. All other special characters are supported in SNMP Community strings except Single quote, Double quote, Forward slash, Backward slash.
  8. Creating a Business Service from a Probe's Applications module creates an equivalent Business View  in Probe's Network module, if necessary / as appropriate. However, creating a Business Service from the Central Server's Applications module, will not create an equivalent Business View in Probe's Network module in any case. Same applies to IFGroupID creation in Probe's Netflow module.
  9. Bulk importing of servers using CIDR discovery will not discover applications. Application discovery is supported only when servers are discovered using network range.
  10. Network custom business view configured in the network dashboard of the probes will not be shown in the network probe dashboard of the central server.
  11. IPAM & Switch Port Mapper dashboard can be viewed only in the Probe console.
  12. Restricted device access based on user privilege not supported for storage devices.
  13. No support for custom theme in ServiceDesk module.
  14. Edit in Search agent (Admin -- Enterprise Search Settings) would require the user to enable/disable the status, then wait for 10 minutes and do a restart of the IT360 for the changes to take effect.
  15. Enterprise Search is not supported when the Central Server and Probes use databases from different databases vendors[like, when Central Server uses MySQL and Probe uses PostgreSQL]. However, the Old Search can be made to work. Contact the support team for assistance on this.
  16. NCM Plugin limitations
    • Enterprise Search is not supported
    • Shared probe concept is not supported
    • The Configuration Management widgets will not be shown in Central server.
    • Customer / Partner level rebranding is not supported
  17. IPAM/SPM Plugin limitations
    • Enterprise Search is not supported
    • Customer / Partner level rebranding is not supported
    • Shared probe concept is not supported
    • IPAM/SPM widgets will not be shown in Central server.
  18. Log-a-ticket task cannot be done from a Probe as the servicedesk module is not reachable from the Probe.
  19. IT360 Unified Discovery does not discover applications and servers where it [IT360] is installed. This is a NMap limitation.

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