Turn data into insights with infrastructure analytics

The world has gone through a rapid digital transformation in the past few months. Optimal performance of business-critical applications are becoming monumental in deciding where businesses stand with respect to their competition. Businesses have come to realize that to truly get digitized they should tread towards a data-driven approach to application performance monitoring. This webinar will give you insight into how a powerful combination of an application performance monitoring tool (Applications Manager) and advanced analytics tool (Analytics Plus) will help you anticipate application performance issues in your complex IT infrastructure even before they occur and institute appropriate remedial actions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Deep dive into applications running on physical and cloud infrastructure
  • The importance of delivering optimal end user experience
  • The art of deriving metrics from raw data and benefits of in-depth alarm management
  • Role of visualization in identifying patterns and anomalies
  • Building custom dashboards in Analytics Plus using data from Applications Manager

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