Learn how Applications Manager Plugin for OpManager can help you boost business productivity!

ManageEngine Applications Manager Plugin for OpManager can give you deep performance visibility into application and infrastructure components (both cloud and on premise) – right from your OpManager console. This means you don't have to invest in a separate monitoring solution and look at multiple consoles to isolate performance issues.

Join our webinar and learn how this integration enables you achieve unified monitoring, alarm management, fault management, SLA management and reporting across various technology silos.

In this webinar, we will discuss how this integration can help:

  • Automatically discover applications and networks by providing business centric view into IT infrastructure.
  • Correlate application, server, cloud, storage, and network performance data in a single console
  • Get performance visibility into your full application stack - from the front end, through the application server, to the backend database.
  • Find and fix issues such as downtime, slow response time, out of memory errors, slow database response, unexplained CPU spikes, deadlocks, database connection pool, and more.
  • Analyze future growth trends and plan capacity with the help of machine learning enabled reports.

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