Does your hybrid IT monitoring practices deliver positive ROI?

When it comes to hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring, every day is a new challenge. There are new technologies, greater expectations, changing requirements and most importantly, an evolving greater and increasingly challenging IT environment. Hence, it is critical that network admins stay updated on the latest strategies to keep their networks and eventually their businesses from succumbing to the evils of network pitfalls.

What you will gain out of this webinar

This webinar aims to empower IT admins to tackle the common challenges that they face in monitoring hybrid IT infrastructure. By joining this webinar you will learn

  • The factors to consider while deciding which which applications or services should stay on on-premise and which should move to cloud.
  • Strategies and best practices to ensure constant availability of the on-premise hardware infrastructure in your hybrid IT environment
  • Tips, tricks and nuances of monitoring both on on-premise and cloud applications in your Hybrid IT enviroment, thereby facilitating better end user experience.  
  • Fundamentals of framing an hybrid IT monitoring strategy that strikes a balance between on-premise infrastructure management and on-cloud application management
  • Best practices and tips that will help you steer your hybrid IT infrastructure clear of downtime and ensure maximum returns for every penny invested.

Seats to the webinar are limited and we believe so should be your tolerance to downtime. So hurry up and register now !


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