Training schedule

Visibility: From web application interface to the database

Aug 21st, 2019 


  • Application response times and user satisfaction
  • Identifying transactions that are slowing down your app
  • Slow database calls preventing ideal performance
  • Analysing error traces to eliminate all performance barriers

Big Data and the Non Relational database

Aug 28th, 2019


  • Big data apps: Apache Hadoop & Spark
  • NoSQL databases in Big Data frameworks
  • Disk and memory issues in NoSQL DBs
  • Forecasting utilization trends and planning capacity

Implementing the right website monitoring strategy

Sept 4th, 2019


  • Web Servers and the Reverse Proxy: Apache, IIS, NginX, etc.
  • Optimizing individual URLs for better user experience
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring for dynamic webpages
  • Website content monitoring to detect unauthorized changes

Monitoring Cloud applications and Containers

Sept 11th, 2019


  • AWS cloud and the need to monitor its services
  • Monitoring the Azure cloud services
  • The era of containers: Kubernetes and Docker
  • Resource planning for the cloud infrastructure

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